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City Link

Worst... carrier... ever...

A friend bought me an Xbox One as a late Birthday, early Christmas present from Amazon, Amazon chose to use City-Link as the carrier for this £449.99 order. I immediately looked up City Link online and I was shocked by the reviews... nothing but endless pages of negative reviews, I said to myself I'm just going to wait for it to arrive and not let the reviews bother me too much. Monday came and it was suppose to arrive before 1PM, tracking never updated to 'Out for delivery', i called City-Link to see what's up and they assured me it's out for delivery and i will get it before 5:30pm (even though it was paid for before 1pm) that did not occur. I called them again and they investigated what happened and i was told that the driver couldn't locate the package as he was loading the van in the morning, not helpful to me but i said okay and then said it was lost and they are searching for it... pretty ridiculous, and after what i read online it made it even worse... Tuesday came, i called them at 8am to see if they have any updates, i heard what i wanted to hear, they told me they located the item and it's going out for delivery as we spoke... i asked when will the tracking update to reflect that? he said within the hour, i called them an hour later, i was told the same thing, i was assured that they found it and it's out for delivery 100%, i asked again about the tracking and i was told to wait an hour again... an hour later i called them AGAIN... I was told it would be investigated but to be assured it's out for delivery... another hour later, i called them for the 4th time and wouldn't you know... they assured me again it's out for delivery... i gave up, and instead asked them on Twitter (also did that on Monday) and they replied with

@CityLink: Head office have confirmed that the items are being looked for. I am sorry you are being given conflicting information.

So after being told it's out for delivery by 4 different people, I'm suddenly told it's still LOST... it was now lost for over 48 hours, Wednesday came, i called them at 8am and this time they said they have no updates, it's still lost, we are now past 1pm, still lost... Amazon was contacted and they refunded the order, but at the cost of me not getting my present in time for Christmas, Amazon would have sent a replacement but they are out of stock for 3 weeks.

Don't trust these incompetent people, if you order from Amazon be sure to chat with them via the support chat and ask them to put a note on the order to dispatch the item via DPD (if you paid for next day)

City Link has ruined Christmas.

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Excellent prices, amazing customer support

This website is one of the best places to get your games from, I used them many times now, I even pre-ordered games from them, I always got my key on time with no problems. Their customer service is one of the best, there's no waiting days for a reply, in fact 4/4 times I contacted them, they replied within 30 minutes. Keep it up.


Excellent posters, good prices, slow dispatch.

GBPosters are an excellent site, they have good prices but their delivery progress is slow and I would appreciate a free delivery option, £2.50 for delivery may not seem like a lot but when your actual item is only £3.99 then £2.50 is, especially when it takes them 2 days to dispatch it, I ordered my poster on Sunday, and it wasn't dispatched until Tuesday evening, for first class postage at £2.50 I was expecting it to be dispatched on Monday for delivery on Tuesday.


No complaints

Can't complain about, i got my key for Assassins Creed 3 on the day of release, but recent problems they had with SimCity meant some of their customers didn't get the game they paid for a week as they had problems with the supplier. This somewhat made me think twice about using them in the future, fortunately they were more than willing to give refunds so that makes it more or less alright.


Legit service, pay less, worry less.

Bought Far Cry 3 from CDKeysHere on the day it was released, i got my key instantly and i saved over £15! completely unbelievable. Same goes for SimCity, got my key on the day of release unlike other sites that took a week to deliver keys.


They changed.

Abusive customer support (to others, not me), sudden price increases, no longer reliable, no longer the best, no longer the cheapest, they lost a customer.

I was loyal to ShopTo, i always bought games from them, because they had reliable delivery, they had unbeatable prices, and amazing customer support, now they are no longer the cheapest, they are abusive, and they turned into a shamble of a company... change... go back to being yourself... this review was once a 5 star review, but you changed, and i changed my review.


Amazing games, out of this world customer support.

They are my favourite developers, so when i had a problem with something i was sad, luckily their customer support made everything okay.


Hard to avoid but if possible, avoid at all cost.

They are a disgraceful company, they destroyed windows with Windows 8, they have zero respect for competitive companies and their customers, they put adverts on paying members of Xbox live on Xbox 360, they are just a disgrace.

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Cheap domains, great customer support, amazing website

Really can't say anything negative about, their website is really easy to use, they have amazing customer support, and most importantly they sell cheap domains, all in all i would suggest this over majority of other domain hosts.

TNT Express

Google dispatched it at 5AM, 4 hours later it was delivered to me.

You can literately call this the same day delivery service, but for it to be delivered within 4 hours of it being dispatched just amazes me.
No problems at all, i'm over the moon with TNT.


You get your stuff, but customer experience is god-awful

I used GameGears twice, once it was a simple order, i got it and had no troubles, second time around it was a pre-order, i got my stuff on the day, however it was missing the pre-order exclusive t-shirt. I called them twice about it, they were very unprofessional about it, giving me some stupid excuse. I took to twitter to complain about it, they were having none of it, they were ignoring me for days, until finally they blocked me... I were having none of it myself, i emailed them and they unblocked me, not for long, i mentioned it once and they blocked me again.

I will never use them again, they are a bunch of kids let lose inside an office.

21 March 2013

Reply from

This customer has gotten exactly what he ordered. He is a Twitter nuisance and the only reason he has left this review is because we was unhappy with the fact we blocked him after several abusing posts from him.

We are not the first or the last company to block him on Twitter as he has gained a reputation for internet trolling.

Thank you.


Best quality headsets, outstanding support

Out of all the companies i ever dealt with Astro Gaming is the best of them all, while they have premium prices you get what you pay for based on the product and support you receive after the purchase, highly recommendable!


Broken Promises

Broken promises leave you without that free DLC they promised, instead you have to spend 2x the amount you spent on the game originally for more maps... Disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful.

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Amazing phones, Beyond amazing support

Ever since my first smartphone i have been a HTC user, and i'm very happy about their phones and customer support, i just had bad experience with my phone, since i voided my phone's warranty i couldn't get it repaired, but a letter to HTC explaining everything resolved in them replacing my phone free of charge.


Amazing cameras, great support.

Always wanted a canon DSLR, after many years i finally got one, and it's amazing. Couldn't be happier with Canon!.


Great products

i love their product, unfortunately they don't sell any of their Ice Tea bottles in this part of the country so i have to import them from Poland.


Improved over the years

I had a very bad experience with PayPal once as they refused to refund me money after i got ripped of on Ebay, £40 went to waste but that was couple of years ago, since then dealing with them now couldn't have been easier!


Good quality posters, decent prices.

I stumbled upon them on Ebay, and since they had reasonable prices i ordered a poster from there on Thursday night, they dispatched it on Friday with free 2nd class delivery and it arrived on Monday!


Google is part of everyone's life.

Google as a company is amazing. They have many useful services i couldn't go a day without using, Android, Gmail, Search Engine, Google Maps, and so much more. I never had a problem with google and i been using them all my life!.


Decent pizza

Pizza is great, that's not my complaint.
the complaint is the service i get.

When i order online my pizza usually takes 20-30 minutes to arrive, that's nothing and that is great,
but once the driver comes here he never closes the game, he drops rubbish in my front garden as well!

room for improvement, as well as including red pepper in the menu as well as more expensive ham, so that 60% of my ham isn't fat jelly


If you got something to share about a business you use, then look no further.

It gets to the point, allows you to say what you like or dislike about a business, however it's largely ignored by those businesses.


Yodel claimed to deliver by 1st of November, 2PM gone past still not out for delivery.

I did a review about Yodel before, it was 4 stars, however that was until today...
They clearly said ' to be delivered by: Thursday, 1st November 2012' still not out for delivery.
i can't even contact them about it... no support at all given.


Won't stock my favorite drink

Tesco is Tesco, if they screw up a delivery they will fix it by a refund of the product they got wrong.

But 3 stars if because they just won't stock Lipton ice tea 1.5L bottles, they'll simply tell me to drive 25 miles to another tesco where they do stock it, i asked about 10 times for it, each time they take note but they do nothing.

i wouldn't care but no other shop sells it in my area

Cheapest prices, great service, takes a while to clear payment with unverified PayPal

DigitalRev is the best website to buy your camera and accessories from. when i was looking to buy a new camera i found DigitalRev reviews on YouTube, i watched them without realizing they have a website which i found by accident with Google Shopping, they had the cheapest price tag on my camera, retailers in UK priced the camera £100-150 more than DigitalRev, it sounded to good to be true but it wasn't....

While it did take them a week to clear the payment once it was dispatched with free delivery it arrived on Monday when it was dispatched on Thursday from Hong Kong to UK.

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Perfect in my case

I never used Carphone warehouse to purchase a new phone, but i used it once to buy a used phone, great customer support and service, they are also great if you want to trade in a phone for cash.

Scan Computers

Great prices and great product rage

i used Scan Computers to buy majority of the PC parts i needed when i built my PC, delivery is great (but that's DPD so read my review about them instead).

Customer service is disappointing, in order to get something replaced i need to send them the product first so if it's a graphics card i would be left without a working PC until they ship the replacement, and according to them that could take up to 28 days.

So if you want cheap prices and someone that won't rip you off, go for Scan Computers, if you want a good service and good customer support Scan computers won't be for you.


Always up to date with information

IMDB is like Google, it's one of those services you use without even thinking about it. Whenever i want to find out something about a new movie or just find out who was acting in a movie or TV show i just watched IMDB is the place i go to.


£15 a month + bad stability + awful sound quality = deal breaker

I should note NOW TV is still in beta, my experience here may not reflect the experience you may have.
So by now I tried all major streaming sites (Netflix, LOVEFiLM)
and both of them have their strengths and weaknesses,
what I took from Netflix is great price and service doesn't mean great library full of movies to watch, while Netflix had the best rage of apps that actually work on the device you want unlike NOW TV with a retarded restrict to what apps it can run on (android), It didn't have any of the movies I fancied seeing after about a month of being with them.

Then I tried LOVEFiLM, it didn't even have HD streaming which was a deal breaker, it didn't even have an android app when I tried it, movie selection was old and for newer (not latest) releases you'd have to pay to rent.

But a month ago NOW TV tempted me to try them, while the price £15 a month was automatically a deal breaker, I was willing to give the trial a go and judge it on that instead.
Like I said above, restrict to what phones (I don't know if you even support tablets) are allowed to run your app when you pay £15 a month was even more of a deal breaker,

Your movie selection is just brilliant, by far the best out of all these services available right now,
I found just about every movie I wanted to watch, whereas with Netflix or LOVEFiLM it
had none of the movies I searched for.

Video quality is also great, not amazing but still nothing that would make me complain.

Sound quality however is another story, sound quality is just awful, out of netflix and LOVEFiLM, NOW TV by far had the worst sound quality, words can't explain how bad it is, just awful.

Moving on to the stability of the service,
again out of Netflix and LOVEFiLM, NOW TV had by far the worst stability of them all,
I couldn't sign into the xbox app for over 3 weeks, so I wasted that part of the trial doing nothing.
and when it finally allowed me to log in with just a week left of the service it was down when I wanted to watch the movie 4 days of that week, and I was left with 3 days of enjoying the trial, but even when it worked it would kick me from the movie and I would have to search to where I was when it failed.

What I took from the experience,
premium prices doesn't mean great service,
it doesn't mean great mobile apps,
it doesn't even mean great stability.

I'd be willing to give NOW TV another go in the future, perhaps when they finally fix their faults,
change the pricing or really work on their mobile apps so they at least work on the latest android phones and tablets, as well as the latest android OS.

For now, last thing i want to do is pay £15 for this service,
just a shame that 3 weeks of my trial were wasted.


Repaired my TV 3 years after warranty expires for free

As the title says, they repaired my TV free of charge at home 3 years after warranty expired, great customer support really happy.

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Good food, bad customer experience

Since the McDonalds in my town is a franchise and not a directly made by McDonalds their customer support couldn't help me.

What happened is i purchased 2 same burgers, and got 1 burger i wanted and the other which was cheaper than what i paid for.
I live quite far from Mcdonalds so i didn't fancy wasting fuel to go back and get it replaced with what i wanted, i contacted their customer support and they couldn't do anything, then the same thing happened again few weeks later, but that time i got no reply what so ever.

good fast food, but bad customer support


Banned me and this address from purchasing products on the website

That's right, Amazon banned me from using their website, they also banned everyone living in this house as they banned the address.

Reason Amazon banned me is because from all the purchases i made that account to £1050 i made £500 refund claims (that includes any replacements sent).
My previous amazon review on here was about the TV i bought with them, it was broken and faulty, so i requested them to send me a replacement so that's £300 added to the £500 of claims, since the replacement was faulty too i requested a refund, i got £80 back so that's £380, it's based on that ****** TV that i got banned from using possibly one of the cheapest online retailers in UK.

I would gladly use their services again, but i can't i'm banned for life... not fair, but nothing i can do about it.

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Worst experience as a customer

My first experience with Three was generally bad, it was before i cancelled my contract with Orange to take a new contract with Three.
What happened is they called me claiming I could get a Galaxy Nexus brand new on a one plan for £25 for 2 years with a free phone, bargain right? that was in January-February time i told them i will consider it as i really wanted the phone, when i actually got to buying the contract everything was confirmed, but he was just confirming the details, only to find out the idiot calling me wasn't selling me a Galaxy Nexus at a bargain price, instead he was selling me a cheap Samsung crap phone for a rip of price, i got really mad, i called Three headquarters and made sure i was heard, doubt that guy was fired or taught a lesson.

Now that i am a three customer with a new contract with a HTC One X i had more bad experience, firstly when i went to the store to purchase the phone on a new contract i asked whether coverage in my town is good and if it's HSPA+, i got told that the coverage is amazing and yes it's HSPA+, through usage i discovered that coverage is fine, but it's not HSPA+ but rather a slow HSPA. While i was mad i took to twitter to ask their support when they will be upgrading the coverage in my town to support HSPA+, they told me they had no clue, they don't know when, they don't have any maps that would tell them either, then i discovered that Three was upgrading the whole country to DC-HSPA (it can reach speeds of 42Mbps), since they already begun upgrading cities to that new network it got me even more bad, they have absolutely no clue when i will get HSPA+ let alone DC-HSPA, i'm stuck with low speeds of 2-4Mbps and for all i know i might not get HSPA+ within the 2 years of my contract.

Now few days ago i got a call from Three again, trying to sell me more crap even though i already have a £35 contract for 2 years, they told me i was a loyal customer (get it? i was only their customer for 4 months haha) and i was entitled to a great range of deals, so even though i couldn't care less about buying a new contract i listened to see what lies i will be told this time, and wouldn't you know it was worse than last time...
The guy on the phone told me he had great deals on 2 year contracts for £15-17 a month on 2 high end mobiles phones, price is right but wait until you hear what the so called "high end mobile phones" were... Nokia Lumia 610 and another cheap Samsung crap phone (i didn't take note of the name) i argued with the guy for about 5 minutes, he didn't listen.

My advice is, don't go with Three, whenever you get a call from them trying to sell you crap just say you aren't interested otherwise they will keep calling you few times a day until you answer.

If you are after unlimited internet then yes, Three is a great mobile network for internet just don't expect to get an ETA on when you might get your network in your town upgraded if it isn't already. Their customer support is awful as well as their selling agents who are clearly from India or wherever three could get cheapest labour


Totally and utterly useless

The worst experience i ever had with a mobile network. I'm on a supposed unlimited internet contract, but i'm not really. Orange can't even give me a clear answer as to how much data allowance i have, 2 year contract is ending in July and i can renew in a couple of days, i'm however going to cancel my contract for £87 and go with Three, hope they're the best.

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Excellent next-day delivery

I used DPD at least 3 times whenever i ordered something from SCAN Computers, everything always arrived the next day. But what makes this delivery service the best?. DPD sends you an email early in the morning giving you 1 hour window for the delivery, and they never missed the 1 hour estimate. This really is a unique feature that no other carrier has. You no longer have to worry what time the delivery will come, you won't have to stay at home all day wait for the delivery either. I forgot to mention their excellent twitter support =)

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28 March 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Thanks Seb :) Really appreciate you taking the time to share your DPD experiences :) Make sure you tweet us if you have any questions! Bobby.

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I tend to review bad services, but when i see a service i use that is struggling getting good reviews i tend to go and help them out if my experience with them was beyond amazing.