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Awesome Airline

Well what do you expect from the world renowned UK Flag Carrier.
Arrived at terminal 5 Heathrow, early flight, 0700. Checked in, went to gate. Got in bus. Drove out to the stand, got on plane, sat down, took off, bang on time, arrived bang on time at Berlin Tegel. Food... well it's a plane, either you get a bag of nuts or you get a pile of soggy chicken (as far as I'm concerned or am willing to pay for)
So food... ok, drinks... fine (Coca Cola is pretty standard every where lol.)
Landing was nice, but every single one is different so don't go saying 'BA make really nice landings' - it's not always the case.

Well worth that little bit extra you pay...
For where I live, much better than say Ryanair or Easyjet.
And they don't plonk you down in the middle of nowhere, which is always nice :)


It's OK, really

OK Basically I ordered the item on 19/3/2012, it was small, the 3x tweezers/toothpick pack. £2.95, standard delivery.

I started getting worried this Monday (26th March) because it still hadn't arrived. Nor on Tuesday. I was expecting it today. It still wasn't here, so I looked on this site, went 'holy c**p I've been conned'..
Then I rang the number, asked if it was 'owner of' (wasn't going to rage at him without knowing)
And he politely told me that my product had been despatched this Monday (26th)

So overall, it's not great that the product was only despatched a week after ordering, however, I am happy as long as it arrives. Which should be tomorrow or Friday.

So, if you are going to buy from him, either use the most expensive delivery/first class, or if you use 2nd class, give him a call on the number somewhere on this page, he should tell you if it's been despatched/whatnot, and calm your worries (hopefully)

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