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There's no better online grocery shopping experience

I've not been grocery shopping offline for years. In fact, I refuse to do so. The reason why is that shopping online at Tesco.com is a breeze.

It probably helps that I've been a Tesco shopper for many years anyway and all my favourites are firm favourites that I can order a weekly family shop in 5-10 minutes. Less time than I takes to drive to my nearest Tesco Express let alone a larger store.

Aisles are logically laid out, products are well described, and checking out is simple. The whole process is painless from start to finish. Combine this with an almost perfect iPhone app and no other grocery store gets a look in.


Hard to fault for range of products or service

As a regular runner and occasional cyclist, I like to kit myself out in the best clobber; whether it's a tech top for running, cycling shoes for my road bike or gadgets related to either sport.

For me, there's only one place online to purchase running and cycling gear in the first instance and that's Wiggle. Forget the odd name, the range of products is great and once you've made a few purchases, you'll start to receive a discount off of their normal prices.

Over the last few years I've purchased lots from Wiggle (numerous pairs of running shoes, socks, shorts, tech tops, cycling shorts etc) and it's been hard to fault Wiggle at all. Delivery is always within the advertised time range and it's easy to return clothing and shoes and relatively cheap. It's always extra special to receive a small bag of Haribos too!

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Great choice of products sometimes let down by their delivery partners

Given the vast choice of products available at Amazon.co.uk, there really isn't often a need to visit another website. From books to gadgets, music to toys, they have almost every need catered for. Price-wise, they're very competitive on most things but it's definitely worth shopping around just in case.

With Amazon Prime, there's no need to pay for delivery each time but at almost £50 a year, you really need to buy a fair number of times before it becomes worthwhile.

Having said that, I almost always order products that are Prime products. I want the convenience of shopping online as well as delivery asap.

I've been a happy Prime customer for as long as it's been available in the UK. However, recently, their delivery partners have let them down. I look forward to dispatch notifications that mention DPD with excitement as I know that the products I've ordered will be delivered on time and within an hour delivery slot. However, if delivery is via Royal Mail or HDNL, it's very hit and miss as to whether the order will be delivered on the promised delivery date. In my experience, it's 50:50 if you order close to the cutoff time.

Overall, from visiting the site to ordering, it's a breeze. The only negative is the choice of HDNL or RM for some of their 'guaranteed' Prime Delivery order. Really think that Amazon could gain a lot more from moving away from these two partners.


Excellent product, price and service

On Sunday afternoon, our 12 year old Bosch washing machine broke down! Our first point of call for a new machine was Comet. The model we were interested in was a Beko at £450. Looked like a good deal. However, before hitting buy now, we decided to shop around. So glad we did!! AppliancesOnline had the same model for £200 cheaper and offered much better delivery options.

The website was easy to use and purchase was a breeze. Within moments, we'd received an email and SMS to confirm our order.

A couple of days before the delivery date (we'd chosen a date a few days in advance of ordered due to other commitments), we received the call from the sales team regarding the 'Worry Free' warranty. A firm 'no, not interested' was all that was needed to put an end to the call without any hard-sell. I think that the company need to make the purpose of the call clearer at the start of the call and move away from the benefit of being 'contract-free' and clearly explain the warranty and its benefits. To me, having a contract protects the consumer. Without one, it's too easy for a company to wriggle out of any responsibility.

Anyway, on the day before delivery, we received a text and an automated call to advise of the 4 hour delivery time window. By monitoring the track order page, this was narrowed down to an hour during the delivery day and our delivery was made slap-bang in the middle of that slot. Perfect.

We had chosen recycling and had read the company's terms concerning this service. Disconnect and empty the machine. Simple! if you expect the delivery driver to do this for you, you're clearly expecting too much!!

The new washing machine was placed in the room we wanted it with no quibbles from the delivery team. They were Eastern European and not that chatty but certainly polite enough. We'd not paid for connection (it doesn't take a high IQ to connect a washing machine - if you can put a jar lid on tightly, there's every chance you can connect a washing machine!!) and didn't expect it. The delivery team didn't remove packaging. Again, we didn't expect it. There's no mention that they'd do this so why expect it?! Some people...

The washing machine was exactly as described. A great model with lots of great features.

Overall, other than the Worry Free warranty call which some might have found a little pushy, the whole service received to date has been excellent. Would recommend AppliancesOnline.co.uk to anyone. Just don't expect to get more than you pay for and do what they ask and they'll offer you a great service.

For the person that's reported this review, I can confirm that it's completely genuine and should you wish to discuss, I'd be more than happy to do so.

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