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Festive Lights

Very fast delivery, quality goods

Very pleased with the ease of ordering and the speed of delivery. The lights are very good quality. Would recommend them and use them again


Excellent service

I bought a trailer from Mowdirect and the speed of delivery was excellent. The trailer was exactly as described after the mysteries of the instructions were overcome! Excellent service, excellent product, would not hesitate to use them again.


OK till you need to complain

I have been with Sky for years but have just ditched them. Choice and variety of TV is good at a price, but often the films are tedious repeats and any decent films cost you more and then all but the worst take ages to reappear for free. When something goes wrong their awful menu driven phone system is a nightmare. When you do get through the standard of help varies enormously. They follow it up with a totally pointless questionnaire which does not allow you to explain your concerns properly and even if you do nothing changes.
The last straw was the debacle surrounding News Corp/Murdoch's empire and I decided enough was enough. The brave lad tried to tell me Sky was independent (this was before Murdoch Jnr resigned as Chair) and we had an interesting discussion. I am now on Freestat and feel much happier!

City Link

Losing ground

In the modern era with so many choices of delivery I am amazed companies bother to use them Alternative organisations tell me they are coming, give me the name of the delivery guy and an hours slot for delivery. If they can why not City Link? One order I had to be delivered by them was so late - yes I know it had snowed, that I ordered the same item from another company and it arrived before CL had got to me. The delivery guy is always nice but the support behind him is poor


Simple and slick

I always use PayPal where it is offered. They have my credit card details so I do not have to keep entering it. A short detour via PayPal online and the job is done. Brilliant idea brilliantly executed.


Usually very quick and best prices

Despite there being many sellers on Amazon they seem to have set a high standard and delivery costs are low to nil and with a very good delivery time. A search will often show their products to be amongst the lowest on the Web. No five star because like far too many corporations Amazon are happy to earn £billions in the UK but find ways to avoid paying into our tax system. OK so we are the mugs but what of corporate responsibility?


Good but want to know too much

Google's search engine is amazing (if not very green!) and Chrome has set the bar very high for browsers. So why the lows rating? Google like so many others in this market are not content with what they have and their idea of expansion is into your personal life which they can then use to sell on to others for advertising. I simply will not do it and find it all very objectionable.


Keep it simple or pay the price

I started on Facebook years ago. I do not object to adverts appearing there, they are not a charity, but the bombardment of gimmick and add ons which - if you click on them want to know who all your friends/contacts are , is disturbing. I do not want some anonymous machine knowing what I am up to, what my likes/dislikes are etc. Keep it simple and you will be fine. Click on theses gimmick and - well you have been warned.


very fast service excellent price

They had the best price I could find on the Web and very reasonable delivery charges. I received the goods much faster than expected so top marks. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.


Very knowledgable and friendly

Excellent service. I bought a Stihl chainsaw and safety equipment and as per Stihl's interactions this had to be collected. They were very friendly and knowledgeable about the equipment and I am very happy to recommend HSStoolshop.


Excellent products, very fast delivery

I ordered from this company at 3 pm and the goods were delivered the next day before noon. The items were to replace older versions in my home and to match some previously bought from a large DIY store. They are perfect and cost much less than the so-called cheep outlet. I would be happy to recommend this company to anyone and will definitely use them again when I need something.

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