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I love Richard Branson, he's done a fantastic job with his brand over the years, and he’s always known the best route to take his company forward, when many other companies would have failed at the first hurdle.
I've just switched TV providers from sky and have found that Virgin gives a much better service compared to Sky. Sky really needs to sharpen their pencil if they are going to compete with Virgin as they are on another level.
Well done Virgin four stars.


Parcel Force

When I’ve sent parcels aboard back to my friends in Russia I use Parcel Force as they are always on time and I’ve never had any bad experience with them. Some other delivery companies change you an absolute fortune for the same weight and size. Parcel force however is really cost effective.

Well done four stars

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Clearance Comet

Clearance Comet

This is a cool website if you want to buy and sell tech. I shop a lot on this website and you find some great discount deals. Don't expect the products to be perfect because they are not, you will find the odd scuff or scratch here or there on the product which doesn't affect the performance.

So a good four stars...

The train line

I always use the train line to book my tickets especially when I'm going to a dog show. As long as you book them in advance, then you're guaranteed to get a good deal. I've had one horror story when using them as they never confirmed my details back to my e-mail, but I thought nothing of it until I arrived at the station to catch my train and the ticket wasn't valid. So the moral of the story is make sure you get confirmation for your travel documents before you travel!!

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Easy Jet

Well I did fly with them once but never again! I always think when you get on board that plane then it's the start of your holiday and you need to be relaxed and supplied with sufficient drinks and food, just like British Airways who are brilliant I might add.

Some people said to me "well they are cheap" my response was rubbish they are actually quite expensive and you can get a better deal from other airlines.

So don't expect Easyjet to be cheap because they are not. Try to look round for another company who will look after you on your journey.


Bullion Vault

I've been using this site for about 18months and it's a brilliant site to trade in precious metals. Because of the increase in gold over the past few years, I thought it would be a good idea to give it a go and try my hand at trading in gold. This site made it very easy to do and it gives you ‘real time’ updates so you always know where your investment is. The only down side is when you come to sell it can be a little bit expensive on the commission. But a really good site well worth using if you want to trade in gold or silver.

Pet Dog-cat-supply-store

Pet dog cat supplies

I buy all my products for my dogs from there on line store. There delivery is a little bit long but that's no problem as long as you're organised and order your dog food before you run out then its fine. One great website, easy to use and no fuss. I don't like fussy sites..

Well done four stars.



Not only do I work there but I would like to give them four stars. They’ve only dropped one star due to the fact that they are a little bit expensive for your average customer. I love to spend my money here and I get some great discounts on clothes. I love to treat myself to a new dress from time to time. Harrods stock some great products, if you've never been then I suggest next time you’re in London just drop in and have a look around, you'll be surprised at what you can find. There is something for everyone in this store.

Well done Harrods four starsx

Www Doginsurance

Wow what a brilliant website. It's so difficult these days to find a price comparison site that doesn’t hassle you to do a deal! I've just renewed my insurance for my two dogs and I did the usual thing of going to a larger price comparison site but they could leave me alone, I must have had at least 10 calls from Go-compare and the like!! didn't even call me once and my insurance policy was sorted out by them very quickly. Why do the other price comparison sites call people? It’s confusing to me.

Anyway 5 stars go to, they were brilliant:-)



I've tried lots of phones recently especially HTC, however my friend has got the I phone 4s and I do prefer it. Yes HTC has got everything and its very good but there is something about the Apple I phone 4s that is different, probably it's because it's so easy to use. I think I’m going to have to swap phones somehow.

Not bad HTC but could be much better three stars.



Not a bad store. I am quite tall for a Russian lady so next is a very good clothing shop for me as they stock my size perfectly. They are great every day clothes, but I like to shop at harrods when I give myself a treat.
Thank you Next four stars.

Moon Pig

I love Moon Pig I send quite a few of their cards back to my friends in Russia and they find them very funny. Recently Moon Pig have given you an option to upload your own picture which is a big plus for me as I like taking lots of photo's.

Thanks Moon Pig four stars.


O2 not so good

I've had a bit of a bad experience with o2 recently. I use my text messages a lot and some of them have taken quite a long time to arrive.

O2 said that, once you send a text, it can take up to 72h to arrive. I was surprised at that as most of the time, the text messages get there right away. Sorry o2 but only 3stars.



What a great store we bought some furniture and we were pleasantly supprized at the price. Our furniture also came with a discount so it was even cheaper than we had expected. Well worth a visit but there isn't much customer service.

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Well I’m a Russian born daughter of a diplomat and I live in London. I work for Harrods which I really enjoy they provide some great perks as a employee of Harrods. I have two dogs who I love very much, I take them to show quite a lot and have won some trophies with them over the past few years. Even though I live in London I do enjoy walking in the country immensely.