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Very good manager, but not perfect

We are using Planio one year and must say it's very good. The overall system works fine, the navigation and design is also very good. Also we like very fast Planio Team response to our letters. We like the latest feature of saving issue's editings
But sure, there are some issues which could be improved (have read all ENG reviews below):

1. Last months Planio crashes quite often - 3 times this year we can't access to the service, they say it's of the server issues.

2. It would be good to have Auto-save option - when the issue is prepared and you accidentally close the browser window to lose all data you've entered.

3. Please add some more options to the Documents - so that it would be possible to group them, add different categories. Also, why do I need to see the beginning of each document text in the Documents tab - when there are many documents it's very long string. I.e. it would be good the have Documents arranged just like issues.

4. What's the "Track time" option? I need timer to: start time when I start working on issue >> issues changes the status to In Progress >> all users connected to the issue see the change >> I stop/pause the timer when finished the issue >> issues changes status >> all users see that.

5. The main conceptual issue is that Planio works not very well on mobile device like iPad, iPhone or Kindle Fire. Elements/text are small and and it's hard to work with it there.

In general - we reccomend Panio!
Peter Grabarchuk
The Grabarchuk Family

29 March 2012

Reply from Planio GmbH

Thank you Peter - great feedback. Let me quickly address your points:

1. I am sorry to hear that you weren't able to access Planio when you needed to. We use an external service to monitor our uptime from over 30 locations world-wide and we had an overall uptime of 99.9% over the past 6 months (and an average response time of 850 milliseconds by the way). None of the downtimes we had were longer than a couple of minutes. However, we're continually investing in our infrastructure to make it more performant, robust and secure. We have in fact bought new hardware again this month and I'm quite positive we'll be able to achieve 99.99% uptime for the next quarter.

2. While auto-save is not quite there, yet, you can enable warnings for the kinds of situations you mention via My account -> Preferences.

3. Great suggestions! I am not quite sure yet whether this would add too much complexity for other use cases, but I'll be sure to discuss your ideas with the team.

4. "Track time" let's you count your hours spent on a task using a start/stop timer and you can configure Planio so your colleagues see your tracked hours as well as the changes you've made. Maybe you'd like to get in touch via to discuss this further? I'm quite sure Planio can already do what you're asking for here.

5. We hear you. Mobile is high on our list and I hope to be able to announce something here in the coming months.

Again, thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback.

Jan Schulz-Hofen

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