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I love shopping for food here. They offer some really fantastic food at great prices, you might not think so and think it's expensive but if you were to go to M&S or a specialist 'deli' you'll find that Waitrose give great value for money:-)

Www Petinsurance


I've got two cats and a dog and have been struggling to find the best insurance for them all. One of my cats is quite old and the dog is accident prone! I tried the normal price comparison sites but they seemed to be way off the mark when it came to selecting the right policy for my pets. I stumbled across www-petinsurance.com and thought I’d give them a go and sure enough they found the right policy for each of my pets and at the right price, which is very important especially when you’re insuring three pets not one!

So if your unhappy with you existing policy and what a change then go to this site they are one of the best price comparison sites I've ever used. Even if you've got an existing policy just have a look and compare, you'll be amazed on how much you can save on your policy!!


British Airways

Probably one of the best airlines I've ever flown with. Out of all the airlines which I've flown on BA is defiantly the best, they look after you they’ve got integrity (more than I can say for some other cheaper airlines) they understand that it's the start of your holiday and you need to be looked after. I always try to get an upgrade to business class so at least you can then use their lounge, which really helps if you've got a family.

They are defiantly worth four stars.


Money saving expert

This website is great and if you us it you'll understand why!! Before you do a price comparison go to this website. It gives you an uncompromised comparison along with lots of tips on how to save money. If you haven't checked it out then log on and have a look, truly brilliant :-)



Google is a fanatic machine and offers the best searches than any other such engines out there. If you haven't got a G-mail account yet then why not! G-mail is probably one of the best e-mails and document storage account you can have...Owe yes it stores unlimited document on line truly brilliant.


Facebook you need a wash:-)

Well I’m a big fan of face book but I’ve just recently found out that Facebook own everything that you put on there! So all your pictures comments etc. etc. become the property of Facebook! I was quite shocked by this. It seems that Mark Zukerburg is steaming us for a large advertising campaign. So if you’re into film and your Facebook page reflects that then you'll be inundated with adverts for film...

I’m not so keen on Facebook now funnily enough!



One of the best sites on line. It's amazing you can order anything and most of the time you can get it delivered the next day truly brilliant. I ordered the star wars collection from Amazon and it was delivered the very next day. I also ordered Blade Runner the box set and that delivered the next day also.
I don't really know how they do it!

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I’m Daisy and I run a successful dating site here in Leeds we have over 10,000 subscribers joining up every quarter and our aim is to become one of the leading on line dating site here in the UK. I was born in Brazil and moved here when I was 16. I have very fond memories of Brazil especially the beaches and the jungle which are absolutely beautiful. If you ever get the chance to go make sure you do as you’ll have a great time.