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brill been with them 2 years and will defo go back.


good but low stock levels

good company. good qualty clothes, especially for babies, great sizes. shame that sometimes mostly everything i want is out of stock. esspecially if there is an event.


not so cheap.

primarks quality is getting better but price is going up, lets just hope its going towards the workers not just the company. wheres once primark was a wear once then frow away shop (not briiliant) its creaping back to the quality of few years ago where clothes last longer than a week. i just shop here now for babies clothes and some are still a bit thin.


good but annoying

they do have the perks for ebay and such but OMG! ive never had so many emails from paypal since i joined... also, when i was joining i had to fill out a direct debt form so a was a bit wary to apply because didnt want a bill every month. Other than being annoying they are very powerful when things go wrong and helped me when things got a bit ugly when buying on ebay.


its so huge

one search enguine for maps, mail, news and even more eachday. Although having so much in one place should cause some problems but i cant seem to find any, we can have google on mobile, laptops, pads, televisions game consoles and more. fab

straight forward and lots of choice

i bought a mug with pictures on it and couldnt believe how i could edit it to hope i wanted :) service is good too, it was delivered the next day :)

Just Eat

good but confusing

the website makes it difficult to find menus and special offers. useful that i can pay by card or cash because most fast food places dont take card. helpul :)

31 March 2012

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Hello Ashleigh,

I'm sorry to hear you found our website difficult to use. Our aim is to provide an easy to use website and I'm sorry to hear this hasn't been your experience. I would be grateful if you could email me with details of the difficulties you had so I can guild you though the service and identify any areas that may need improving. My email address is

Kind regards,

David Farrer
Senior Social Media consultant


poor company

I had problems from the begining, the first time i had used them i was declined becasue i had used love film before and had to pay the first month up front but i hadnt and had to get it touch. then when i was finally on love film with my 30 day free trial i was denied most film on my laptop and could only watch on dvd. but if your like me and want instant movies (which the promote in the ads) not the best company. not best choice in movies unless u like 50s movies or the rubbish new releaes that have taken months for love film to get hold of. NETFLIX RULES! :)

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