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Brand Alley

Used since 2009! Why the bad reviews?

I've been using them since 2009 and still am. I really don't get the bad reviews here...I don't work for the company, I'm not one of those - to prove it - their delivery times aren't great but that's what you get for such massive discount! I have had problems with deliveries before, but customer service have always gotten back to me within reasonable time, and sorted out refunds for lost items and such. It's true that sometimes they have to cancel orders - but that's because the suppliers (i.e. the big brand name company) have messed up and not delivered (i.e. not really Brandalley's fault!).
So there are hitches, occasionally (like with any company and you know it), but for me, personally, they've always sorted out the issues for me. If something doesn't work out, rant about it on their FB pages if you must!
Right enough defending BrandAlley, if you really want to know more, check out their FB page, they're really active on it too.
For me BrandAlley has a variation of sales (I swear there's always something for everyone: Women, men, kids, and even pets for crying out loud!). And really good discounts, and even more new brands - btw it's also a way of discovering new brands that have wicked stuff but you'd never heard about.

As regards the NEGative reviews here - it's probably the flipping competitors! Just like ppl post fake 'pro' reviews, ppl also post fake 'bad' reviews...and there are far too many on here for it to be legit!

Like I said I've been with them since 2009, and although no 'relationship' is perfect, this is one of the longest ones I've stuck with! (shopping websites that is) :)


P.S. I even signed up to this website (March 2012) just write in this review, because it's unfair all the bad press BrandAlley are getting on here - it's not justified!
And again, I don't work for them, but you can only take my word for it!

P.P.S. Read Lee's review below - they explain why deliveries take a while & about how BrandAlley work

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