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O so so

I've been with O2 for several years now and on the odd occasion that I've needed to contact customer service it's usually been very good directly by phone (as always it depends on the person you end up with - pity they don't allocate a choice of one or two specific account managers to a set range of customers). I like the fact that they don't use foreign call centres for direct contact....yet anyway.

However, their email and chat services, which I've had to use at the time because it's been more convenient, are utterly abysmal and do seem to be located abroad, hence the fact that emails are now responded to with words to the effect of "Why wait, log on and chat with us to get your answer immediately". Chat is too slow and laborious and never achieves results.
That's not what I asked for or what I want, and the reason that I've emailed them in the first instance is because it is likely that the answer needs to be researched. I reply to the email saying that and get the same bloody response! Talk about going round in circles!
Clearly, O2 are trying to outsource and reduce costs (and service levels as a result) by using these useless resources - nobody likes these foreign call centres O2, as you probably well know, but you still choose to put profits before service now!!!!

I've also found that the network has deteriorated in the last year with a number of calls dropping off for no obvious reason, for me and for other friends and family who are also currently with O2.
Oh, and another thing, the website is an absolute nightmare when trying to find out the information that I want. And least you think I'm simply PC illiterate, I have a Mensa IQ of 141 (about 16 less than Albert Einstein) and am a big PC/ internet user who can find his way around most websites with ease and knows a few little tricks that most average users are unaware of.

So.....,in summary, time for a change when my contract comes up for renewal in August, and I shall now transfer my loyalty to Vodafone who other friends speak of very highly, and my research confirms this.
Shame O2, you've become complacent, arrogant and too big for your boots.
Oh, and by the way, are you aware that the idiotic caricature of the half-man/ half-goat that you use in the adverts is effectively advocating O2 as the devil?

It says at the bottom of this rating box that this review is being sent to the CEO of O2....I do hope so, but more importantly, I hope you take notice and do something about the points that I've raised! My O2 username is richards988 by the way in case you want any further information.


A catchy header

Their website is easy to use and navigate, ordering very straightforward, and you're kept advised at every step from order confimation to delivery (which is very quick and secure).

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