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Very efficient service

Good web site and good service - I use them quite often. Think that says it all

Office Furniture Online

Officefurntiureonline - Total lack of Customer Care, especially from their management level.

I ordered a chair costing almost £155 from (OFO) and it didn't arrive as per their delivery promises. When I chased up to find what had gone wrong, they maintained they had sent me an e-mail advising a delay, but they have yet to show me evidence that this e-mail ever existed!!! It's strange that I have received every other e-mail from them though!!!!! I am self-employed and lost a day's work waiting at home due to their failure to delivery the chair on time.

When the chair did arrive, it had a damaged part and could not be assembled. OFO categorically assured me that I would receive a replacement by first class post the following day. It didn't arrive as promised and when I chased it up I was told it had been sent by second class post in error, with no definite arrival date. This was the second day of work I lost by waiting at home in vain for the delivery which didn't come.

Finally the part arrived and for 2 days of lost work they offered me £10 + VAT compensation, which I consider an insult considering the problems I had experienced and the time I had wasted through no fault of my own !!!!

The Customer Service and Duty of Care that I have experienced from OFO, is in my opinion very sub-standard and this has only been exacerbated by the fact that I have written two letters to the OFO M.D. and have not even had the courtesy of an acknowledgement !!! OFO seem very sales focused but once they have your order they appear to be totally disinterested.

For me this has been a very costly and thoroughly unpleasant experience and I would regard OFO's behaviour as at the very least extremely rude, and at worst, an absolute disgrace!!!


Very useful products supplied promptly

I am very happy with the products and service I receive and a competitive price.

Sport and Leisure UK

Not happy with your policy!!!

Only after we had placed an order for a flat pack barbecue were we told that we had 48 hours after delivery to report any defect.

We did not have a choice of delivery date and so had to ensure someone was around for a mid week delivery.

As a matter of courtesy we advised you by e-mail once delivery had been received and that, on the face of it, all seemed fine. We also stated we would physically not be able to construct a complicated barbecue from the flat pack until the weekend. To be fair we had a call from one of your representatives very quickly confirming your 48 hour policy. It seems we may possibly have been at cross purposes, but after your earlier e-mail advising us of the 48 hour window, to verbally hear confirmation of this ridiculous policy was just red rag to a bull and I'm afraid I became very cross with the young lady. Initially she kept quoting company policy and I kept responding by asking if she was aware of the law and the "Sale of Goods Act." It was all very heated for a while but in the end it seemed that our situation was accepted and understood.

The barbecue is in pieces in the garage, awaiting construction tomorrow, but already I have noticed that it appears to only come with a propane gas adapter, although the advert did say that it was a propane or butane barbecue. We currently have an unused butane gas bottle, so we will now have to buy either a bottle of propane, or a butane gas adapter. Either way, it's additional expense that we did not expect.

Can't say yet what we think of the barbecue, but definitely not happy with Sport & Leisure UK, mainly over their "hidden" policy but also, the slightly nebulous wording of the advertisement.

We will certainly think very seriously before using Sport & Leisure UK again.

Definitely not happy customers!

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