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Headphones with AMAZING quality

While I was deployed I purchased a pair of Bose headphones and noticed that they had amazing sound quality comparable to car speakers with bass and everything, it blew my mind. I was rough with the headphones for about 2 years and finally after my dog jumped up on me, probably the 100th time, he pulled on the cord with his paw and one of the headphones stopped working. I would definitely recommend Bose for their quality of sound and rugged headphones. I used to by Sony at ($20) a pair and go through SEVERAL a year. Yes, the Bose headphones I chose were about $70-80 but I would burn through Sony headphones while working out at the gym constantly and I would inevitably spend about the same amount of money, if not more, a year. Plus you get AMAZING sound quality. I hope this review helps. Enjoy


Used twice and credit card number stole... TWICE

The last time me I used paypal my credit card number was stolen. Same as the last time my g/f used it. I question their ability to secure my payments.

Great service; convenient, affordable

We were previously using Blue Buffalo (a great brand of dog food but we found a groupon for Orijen that lowered the price enough for us to try it out, so we tried Orijen 6 fish. Even with the $4.50 shipping it was worth it due to gas prices around $4 it would have cost us atleast that to drive to the store and back through traffic. I thought Orijen was a great brand but it was too expensive to try. But, once we tried it we only have to feed our ACD (Australian Cattle Dog) half as much and he has calmed down a LOT. He loves the dog food and pays attention more. He graduated top of his class in dog obedience course. We started out feeding him Science Diet and we noticed a major difference in his attention span and generally his "psychotic" behavior when switching to Blue Buffalo and we noticed the same difference when switching to Orijen. Blue Buffalo is just over half the price of Orijen except we only have to feed him about half as much with Orijen. The $4.50 shipping is about as much as it would cost to drive to get the dog food anyways and the recurring schedule you can us on PetFlow to re-order (from x-weeks to 16 weeks) is amazing. The shipping price and the price of the dog food NEVER raises once you are on their scheduled shipping program and that is amazing with gas prices already at $4 and it isn't even summer yet. You can get your first order with free shipping.. Use a groupon and save money and try it out. We wouldn't have even tried Orijen any time soon without the groupon and PetFlow because we thought it was too expensive but the quality of food and the amount you have to feed your dog balance out. This bag will last twice as long as our other dog food at $35-50 and this bad is around $60-70 so it ends up being cheaper or atleast the same price (if our old dog food was on sale). Better food definitely equates to a better dog. I would rather stop by the store while its on my way if I needed a single toy or something but even then with the cost of gas it equals out for me. And the dog food is a couple dollars cheaper on their site than anywhere else around here (for Orijen, but Blue Buffalo is about the same or cheaper at the store). I recommended this site to my two brother's and a couple of my friends. ESPECIALLY if you live in the country and quality dog food is a decent travel for you. If you try Orijen, do not follow their recommendations because they recommend TOO much food. Start out on the low end and increase if need be. I hope this review of our experience and motivation to try out PetFlow (Orijen/Blue Buffalo) helps.

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