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Good customer service, website is a little screwy.

I understand WHY they don't just have a form to fill in and pay off (partially or in full) a load on the main page. It's because they make less money this way. In my case, I borrowed $600 USD. My first payment was $150, and AFTER this payment the payoff amount was $760something. Should I have followed this plan, I would have ended up paying just over $900 for a $600 loan. As it is, I paid all the fees and half the principle in my first payment (which was in half the time that the first $150 payment was due by their math) and on the time of the first payment, I will be paying the final $250 to finish paying off my loan in full. They make less money this way, which is the reason they don't just stick a form on the website, but when I explained to customer service that this was my intention, they had no problems, and were VERY helpful.

It's a bit sketchy giving credit card info over a live chat, but they claim it to be safe, and I more or less trust McAffee, which is the company that does their web security.

All in all, a great company, a great service, albeit a little expensive. But definitely pulled me out of a tight spot. I'll be back if I ever need it, that's for sure.

Thanks CashNetUSA!

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