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I was banned but still think they are the best!

I used Aweber for my first 2 years on line when I was banned for too many complaints. I switched to 2 other leading autoresponer companies but found delivery at best 50% of that of AWeber!
I have just been reinstated after AWeber discovered that I had been targeted by 2 rivals to get me banned



In my two and a half years online I have unfortunately tried 5 hosting companies. Hostgator in my experience has the most responsive support of any of them

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What a Con!

The world continues to be conned by Apple. They offer yesterdays technology at state of the art prices! Yes the boxes are pretty but frankly the kit is not! The whole synchronistion thing through iTunes and the restrictions placed upon the user should be the subject of a class action. I find it amazing that although Microsoft were forced to unbundle IE from Windows....Apple is allowed to behave in this way!


Mesh you really annoy me but you produce good kit!

I have bought at least 4 desktops from Mesh over the years. All at the cutting edge and built to my spec! Each time I have had a customer service issue with them............too detailed to mention....but the kit has always been 110%! Long may they survive!


You killed the UK furniture industry but what would we do without you?

You destroyed the UK furniture industry with your pricing model. You never have the bits in stock that I want...but what would we do without you now?


Window Shopping only

It is a great place to see the merchandise before going home to buy online!


Used to be a reliable shop...How standards have dropped!

M&S used to be the doyen of the High Street. It used to be the place where you could get high quality food at an above average price....have you seen the meat lately....much of it has gone brown through poor storage even though it is well within its sell buy date! You wouldn't feed it to your dog!
The standard of the packaged food continues to fall....it is becoming difficult to shop there!
A last point the black uniforms and the cleanliness of some of the staff is just not on! Food should never be managed by staff in black clothing!


I like Waitrose but....................?

They suddenly take a dislike to a product and you never see it again....! The latest is my brand of sparkling water..it was nearly the cheapest, in glass ... now its gone! And its apparently not coming back! something else I have to go to Tesco/Sainsbury for....?


Buy online...don't use PC World

If you want last years gear shop at PC world!

City Link

I used to recommend them!

I never had a problem with City Link until they lost a 55" TV I was getting..next day delivery! What was worse at the time was that they said I had it and had signed for it! It got sorted but I aged a couple of years in the process!


Great Broadband! Expensive TV!

I have VM broadband cos I can get 120M/sec! And it is quick! *I dont take their TV cos its so expensive compared to Sky!

John Lewis

Never Knowingly undersold - except on the internet!

John Lewis have this terrific reputation...but they use strategies to stop meaningful comparisons. For example they offer free 5 year guarantees on things that don't need guaranteeing...this avoids price comparison. They sell a lot of exclusively supplied to JL....to avoid price comparison...It makes you sick!


It's not a toy!

Why do Facebook keep treating all their users like children, constantly fiddling with their API, always setting up new restrictions. Move over Guttenburg your days are over!


The backbone of my life online

Where would we be without this great search engine, the key to all we don't know. The place where you can open a million email accounts! Wonderful!


My internet bank

Having suffered from credit card fraud on the internet several times, with the exception of Amazon, I tend to only transact online where there is a Paypal option.


No better market place for my used goods

I buy and sell on ebay all the time. It is a great place for obscure products


Everything you need less than 24 hours away!

I use Amazon several times most weeks. We have Amazon Prime which over the year saves us hundreds of pounds and ensures next day delivery every time!

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