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Absolutely shocking and dreadful experience. FAKE REVIEWS

Yes, it could be inexpensive (although the shipping charges are very steep) but if anything goes wrong you are in trouble.

I bought a motherboard that sometimes fails to boot properly .I am an advanced user (used to be a pc technician), loves spending time with computer and more or less know what I am talking about :D .Currently, all other components are working perfectly with cheap motherboard I bought as a replacement. The faulty board was sent to aria service twice, and in both cases, they failed to identify the problem, even though, the second time, I gave them precise directions what should be checked in order to reproduce the fault and sent youtube videos showing how the issue looks like.Aria states that the problem is non-existent... even though I cannot use this component !

I am far too decent to just flog it off on ebay to unaware buyer, thus I ended up with a motherboard under warranty I cannot use, I spent extra money on shipping and I am over two months without my motherboard.It seems however I am not the only one treated like that - check Aria's forum and you will see what I am talking about.People are waiting for months to get the simplest thing sorted.Aria always 'try', 'investigate','check','attempt','pass to manager','will call you later today', 'speak to supplier' but it often take ages to get a solution (If they finally offer one ).

I have made the mistake and I will never do it again,so learn from mine and do your shopping elsewhere - scan.co.uk, ebuyer.com, novatech.co.uk , cclonline.co.uk, amazon.co.uk are all much easier to deal with and usually trouble-free.

It seems , in some cases, a phone call to consumer direct should be made before you actually reach Aria.




EDIT - A Response TO ARIA's answer

Well, allegedly, Aria had tested the board thoroughly.From my point of view, the tests are worthless as the mobo still sits under my bed ,I can't use it and had to buy another one. Aria's claims about other hardware causing problem is a pure BS - all the components have been tried with another two motherboards and found working perfectly fine (my current MSI Z68A-G43 works with exactly the same components for months without a single issue.

How dare you Aria ????

17 October 2012

Reply from Aria

This item was found to have no faults after countless times testing the product over and over again.

Tests Performed:
POST - Check
Windows Install - Check
Rebooter - Check
Linq - Check
Intel Burn Test - Check
Cold Boots - Check.

Result: NO fault found.

Problem could lie with his CPU, memory, or PSU. Motherboard however is working perfectly and in full working condition.

Motherboard was sent back to the customer free of charge.

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