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rigtig dårlig..pas på!

i had my kid photographed by her for 2 mos.ago. i paid the amount of the photo the same day the picture was taken. and it's not cheap! i thought, i would have the picture right away, she said no. she said, it would take 4 weeks. so she took a picture of the photo using my iPhone on her computer screen. (IMAGINE THAT!) aside it's really bad quality, you can see her reflection on the screen when she took the photo on the computer screen. i asked if it's possible to have the photo and the dig.copy sooner, since i need the digital to have more copies for my family, she said, ok, she'd label "hurry". she'd just call or email me when it's ready. i went for a holiday, no email received. i thought, she'd tried to call me while i was on holiday so i emailed her but i did not get any reply. i've been calling her since i got home from holiday asking how it is, 'got to talk with her assistants everytime since she won't take my call. her assistants promised 'would let Anette call me back. i called many times, i mean many times, she only called me back once saying, she'd take a look at it. i made a follow-up call and again 'couldnt get through her. SHE GOT PAID ON TIME, SHE'D HER MONEY AND NO RIGHT PICTURE. really great....huh

En net-butik man kan stole på

Har rigtige mange fine tøj. God service. Venlig ejer :)

good service

man kan stole på

god service!

man kan stole på!

rigtig god internet butik

had købt varer hos dem, har altid oplevet god service.

Man kan stole på

Levering er hurtigt og til tiden.

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