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Good customer service response & fair prices

I switched from Virgin Media after very unreliable broadband service for months. I could not be more pleased to have made the switch. Our Sky broadband service is very reliable. Our service has only briefly disconnected one time in the last 2 months and was only for about 5 minutes. I find the speed to be very steady. It was a bit slower than we expected, so I sent the customer service email a quick email and I received a reply within a day, notifying us that our speed had been increased. I checked, and it had indeed increased significantly. I really appreciate this kind of customer service response, especially after my nightmarish experiences with Virgin Media.


Really great service

Booking through HostelBookers is so easy. I find they have a good range of accommodations listed, you can search by location, and it's easy to cancel later if you need to. I've never had any problems.


Meets all your travel needs

I absolutely love Tripadvisor. There are always great tidbits of information on there, especially about hotels/B&Bs and things to do in a certain place. You can tell the website is well-supported -- never any foul language, any problems with the reviews. You can also select the "map view," which lets you see all of the hotels and B&Bs to chose from by location, so you know just where you'll be staying. I also love the fact that the photos are from the travelers themselves, not professional photos. The only thing I'd love to see improved is if there was always a direct link to a hotel/B&B's website right from the review page -- it'd be so easy to click over. Most of them do have websites, but for some reason they isn't always a link to it.


Updated - Terrible Customer Service - 1 hour call!!!

I love the coverage I got with my phone. But, try getting anything done through customer service. I was on the phone with them for 1 HOUR today trying to make a payment. They tried my debit card 6 or 7 times and said the payment would not go through, because of my recent change of billing address with the bank. The customer service is incompetent and the website provides no alternative online chat. Really appalling.

Update - called again to Three to simply cancel my contract (at the end of the 2 years). They gave me the wrong amount 3 months ago when I paid off my bill in full. The customer service is incompetent and they will give you the run around -- taking your money beyond what they even explain that it is for. Horrid horrid customer service. Go with someone else.


Terrible queues, unfriendly staff

I always was so frustrated with O2 - whenever I had a problem, I found such a long wait at the store and then the staff members always had frowns (probably because they're struggling to help so many people. I guess my service coverage and phone were ok; just not great help if you ever need anything from them.


Fast shipping, correct lenses

You always get just what you need from Lenstore -- the right contact lenses, your correct prescription, fast shipping. It's truly amazing how much of a discount you get off the high street prices. And the service team always gets your order right -- I've ordered a number of times and never been shipped the wrong product and it's never taken more than a couple of days.

John Lewis

Fantastic speed, customer service

Really a great company - you can always trust them for fast shipping and great customer service. Good products too - the right price point, given what you get in quality and customer care.


Very unreliable service, unhelpful technical support, lack of customer response

I was so excited when I found out we could get 30 mbps speeds on our broadband service and signed up for Virgin Media right away. Little did I know the incredible trouble I would have. The connection was shaky for months. It would go from 22 mbps to 2 mbps to 0.14 mbps to 4mbps to 0.5 mbps in a matter of a couple minutes. Such a faulty connection meant that there were whole parts of a day (2-3 hours) when I wasn't even able to send an email. Making the problem more unbearable was the very unhelpful response from the technical support crew. I called 30 times in a span of just 3 months and no one could figure out the problem. They would ask me to do the same tests, change the same settings, over and over again, which ate up a lot of my time. Finally, 3.5 months after starting my service, they determined there was a traffic problem in my area. After months of practically pulling my hair out trying to get the situation fixed and never having any real help, I finally canceled my service. I should say -- there was one very nice, helpful, and intelligent engineer who came to my flat. He actually took the time to try to figure out if something was wrong with my router and finally determined that there must be something wrong with the line/traffic in the area as a whole, which was indeed later confirmed by the company. I should also add that, given the problems I had had, disconnecting was rather painless - a manager allowed me to disconnect in 24 hours and I was even given a refund for my last month of service. Still, a pretty horrendous few months with little help from the customer service team.


Terrible Customer Service, False Returns Policy

The customer service at DirectSight is terrible; they are unwilling to help in the event that the glasses do not fit your face properly. They have listed the "Direct Sight Returns Policy" incorrectly on their website, stating that you will receive a refund as long as your items are returned in their original condition. They fail to state (possibly in order to purposefully mislead their customers) that you cannot return lenses that have been made to your prescription. The glasses I ordered were not the correct size for my face and thus I could not see properly with them, but the customer service representative refused to assist me with a full refund, even after a full refund had been guaranteed to me a day after I received the glasses and called the customer service for the first time, in order to be sure I returned them correctly. Do not trust DirectSight with preparing your glasses - they felt very cheap and, should they not fit your face correctly, you will be out of a lot of money. All in all, they are a bad company because their website is deceptive and misleading, saying "easy returns" and then listing incomplete and inaccurate information under their online "returns policy." Beware!

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