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Customer service a joke!

I placed an order on 6th January for a bed and mattress. Before finalising the order the salesman, Winston, said it would come as 2 separate orders. I said that was no use as needed the 2 to be delivered on same day as couldn't waste 2 days hanging about from 9 - 6 waiting for deliveries so not to bother would get elsewhere. He was adamant that it wasn't a problem to co-ordinate deliveries to the same day and that I would be contacted to arrange.
I then got a phone call from the mattress company saying they would deliver on the 17th but I had to ask them to put on hold as hadn't heard anything about the bed being ready. I phoned the Croydon store on the 16th and spoke to Winston and asked him if he could find out when the bed frame was likely to be ready for delivery. He phoned back and said it would be the end of the next week at the earliest that I would have this information. I asked if he could contact the mattress company to say this as they had told me that Paul Simon would have to re-arrange delivery. He said he would phone them to clarify and phone me back. He didn't. I then got an email the next day from Network 4 saying the bed frame would be delivered on the 19th so I phoned Croydon store to speak to him again but he wasn't there. I spoke to Hannah and asked her to check if the mattress could come on the 19th. She phoned back to say no it couldn't but it could come on
the 24th. I said that was fine and asked if she could contact the bed frame company to try and change that delivery to the 24th also. She seemed totally clueless and kept confusing the bed frame and mattress but I was confident she had eventually understood and she left a message saying I had to rearrange bed frame delivery myself so I did that.
The bed frame came on the 24th after lunch so I phoned the mattress company to find out if they could give me an indication of when mattress was coming as in did I have time to pop out or not as I had been in all day. They informed me the mattress re-delivery hadn't been re-arranged.
Phoned Paul Simon yet again and spoke to Winston who said he would phone me back after speaking to mattress company. He phoned back and said was up to me to arrange despite it supposedly having been done by Hannah on the 17th and my being assured that all sorted out and arranged. No apology for his not phoning me back on 16th which I raised nor any explanation as to why he insisted that it was all not a problem to do when placed order.
Basically by that point I was sure that all he was interested in was getting his commission and not the slightest interested in customer service and would have said anything to get the sale and then Hannah was equally as uninterested in customer service as it wasn't her sale and she wasn't getting any commission so why should she bother either. I asked to speak to the manager.
I spoke to Fran who was most sympathetic and agreed that the situation was unacceptable (I had a child expecting a bed and had dismantled/disposed old one as was assured both frame and mattress would be delivered on 24th). She offered to have the mattress delivered to the store and redeliver on a Saturday or evening so i didn't have to take any more time of work (which was why going to cancel when ready to order as was not prepared to take 2 days off work for a bed). She asked me not to do anything about having to go and buy inflatable airbed until she phoned me back. In the meantime I phoned mattress company to arrange delivery to the store as discussed. This was arranged for Tuesday. Fran phoned me back and said she had spoken to them and that was what was agreed - the mattress would be delivered to the store on the 29th and she would phone me when it arrived to arrange delivery in the evening. I asked if it was possible to get a display mattress from the store until the 29th and she said she had spoken to area manager about the whole fiasco but she wouldn't agree to that. I asked if she would get area manager to phone me to discuss as when I mentioned was of a mind to cancel whole order Fran replied area manager had said that wasn't an option as it was on my contract that I couldn't cancel? No phone call from area manager.
I phoned yet again on 29th at about 7.15 as I hadn't heard anything about the supposed redelivery. I was told Fran was with a customer and would be a few minutes so I left my phone number and order number and asked that she call back. No call so phoned just before closing time but phone rang unanswered.
Emailed head office customer service at this point!
Spoke to manager Claire who blames courier and says mattress lost but another one will be received and delivered next day. Mattress eventually received 2nd Feb. Manager supposed to call me to discuss but that is now 3 days ago without contact and no response to email to custmer complaints dept after a week either. They are obviously assuming now mattress received everything is fine without addressing customer service issues re incorrect information, unreturned phone calls and offical complaint which wanted answers to. Needless to say I am not impressed and wanted to know what, if anything, they proposed doing to put right. This was just a catalogue of errors and bad customer service/untrained or uninterested staff and I have never experienced anything like it! I am still not happy about sales staff saying something and then not doing it or giving out incorrect information then this is compounded by area manager not interested and assistant manager (who I thought was reliable and understood why I was so annoyed) then also not calling back or keeping me informed that there has obviously been yet another delay. Who knows, maybe the message was not passed on to her but I stressed it was a complaint she was dealing with so you would think the male who answered the phone would have passed on but as customer service does not appear to be a strength nor indeed high on anyone in the organisation's agenda maybe not!
A quick search on forums brings up countless similar experiences and if I had read before making the purchase I never would have even visited the store. I had hoped that customer service at their head office may have actually cared about customers experiences and would contact me to resolve but obviously not so my very negative experience is now being added to the long list of others published on the web as warning to other unsuspecting future customers.
Don't do it! Go somehwere/anywhere else they are a shambles and a nightmare

The Currency Club

Quick & Easy

A bit nervous about using an online currency provider for the 1st time rather than a company with a high street presence but all very straightforward and currency arrived the next day via special delivery. Not exactly sure where would have stood if order was short or anything but thankfully not an issue I had to deal with. For this reason only some people might prefer the security of a local bank/post office or travel agent where the money is counted out in front of you. This is obviously only an issue with currency orders and not travellers cheques and they certainly had the best rates. Would use again.


Fabulous idea!

Download your photos to make a mosaic. End product can be purchased in various sizes, paper, canvas, framed etc. Very easy to do and staff amazingly helpful, answering questions and offering advice etc. Family and friends can input photos too. Great fun to do and end product fabulous! We did for father's day but a perfect personal gift for any occassion. Give it a go, you'll love it! :-)


1st class

First came across when considering pandora bracelet. Website is excellent, postage is quick and, depending on purchase, free. Customer service is flawless, eg. quick response to queries, email communication at each stage of order process etc. Also worth looking out for their excellent occcasional special offers via website or, even better, 'liking' on facebook to get 2 amazing daily offers! OK, not all will appeal but fantastic savings as they they clear stock etc. No hesitation recommending this fabulous company :-)


Simply the best

I love the quality of waitrose products but have in the past had reason to complain about the number of substitutions I have had and the short shelf life when ordering online for delivery from the Banstead branch. (Hasten to add, despite this, have always been delighted with drivers - on time, courteous, helpful and fantastic ambassadors for the company). Credit where credit is due though since I have brought this to their attention my orders seem to have been picked with a lot more care and the use by dates have been much better. I still maybe get 5 or 6 substitutions but this is to be expected with any online weekly shop wherever ordered (it was in excess of 1/3rd of my order being unavailable/substituted - 20 items sometimes, that I objected to and had to wonder what was happening with stock control...) The issue with majority of items having a use by date of 1/2/3 days seems to have gone and I am back to being delighted with them. Definately worth the small premium paid for quality produce and customer service dept who actually care and act. Was not a happy bunny in respect of online shopping but they have redeemed themselves and am happy to recommend.


product never received

Ordered hoodie for daughter's birthday April. Bank account debited 3rd April. item on order but estimated dispatch date 30th April. Heard nothing more. Checked website to get contact details after 30th April to find out what was happening. Exceedingly difficult to find but eventually managed to email. Told item dispatched 19th April. Advised them not received and told they do not consider an item lost until 30 working days past (saying this is royal mail not them but this is rubbish royal mail website states 15 working days!). Utterly ridiculous that after a whole calendar month they are still insisting the item could be delivered and have to wait at least another 2 weeks before they will process. Wonder if Ed knows how his young fans are being treated? Very poor custom service and relations. Emailed again 2 days ago but no response at all. Would not use again and would warn others of bad experience. Will be contacting bank to request chargeback if do not have resolved very soon. Update: Finally get refund 14/6 (2+ months after payment) as can't send replacement item is out of stock! Shambles.....

Anglian Garden & Building Ltd

Fabulous customer service and quick delivery

After being let down on an order with another online retailer (crinklecrankle.com) I phoned Anglian. I explained the situation - 2 weeks after ordering birthday present from CC am informed item out of stock - and sales assistant offered to phone supplier and check item was available and call me back. Item indeed in stock so order placed and delivered within a week. Super customer service, great prices (item was cheaper than CC) and quick delivery. Would not hesitate to use again or recommend to others.


11 days to notify item out of stock

Ordered a herb wheel 23/3. Website showing in stock etc and got email confirming order. Heard nothing a week later so emailed to find out when being dispatched as needed for birthday present 5th April. No response to email for 4 days then told out of stock sorry! Now too late to get elsewhere for recipient. Not amused. Can understand stock may run out and website not be live time but for it to take 11 days to be informed and only after I chased is unaccaptable. Would not use again and would not recommend. poor show

20 April 2012

Reply from www.crinklecrankle.com

Hi Elain,

I am sorry about your bad experience. We had a problem with the supplier for the item you ordered. We have since removed the product and supplier from our website.

Many thanks

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