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0/10 for flights. 0/10 for customer service

Me and my partner recently went on a skiing holiday with Neilson (the ski package company of Thomas Cook). Although the actual holiday was fine the flights were absolutely terrible. The outbound flight was delayed by 3 hours and the return flight was delayed by 13 HOURS. During this time in spent in the airport the 250 passengers were given a single bottle of water and what can only be described as uneatable mush. We therefore spent an additional £55 of our own money on meals in the airport.

TC made no effort to ensure that the flight delay was minimised (the flight duration was only 1.5 hours, so another plane could have potentially have been despatched 11.5 hours prior to when we finally took off). When we finally arrived back in the middle of the night, TC would not help any passengers who had missed their train get home, so we spent an additional £70 on a taxi home.

After writing to TC on 3 occasions (and each time waiting over 3 weeks for what can be described as 'template' reply) they offered a mere apology and 'Hoped we would consider flying with them again soon'.

I discourage anyone from flying with TC or any TC brands, as the service you are likely to receive will probably be terrible!!!

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