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Not long after my installation was completed my neighbour challenged me about them.
He asked does the sun have to be hot for the panels to generate electric and if so is the electric stored to be used at night when the sun don’t shine, does the heat warm your water too.
I suppose it’s a misconception a lot of people have about solar panels and how they work.
It was a cold bright day when he came over to ask me why I had them installed on my bungalow roof in the first place, I told him straight, I saw them as an investment as well as a greener alternative to burning coal or oil.
There as been mixed reactions from people when I’ve told them I have solar panels, some say they disfigure the look of my bungalow but I tell those people the truth, I rather like them besides I see them as penny’s from heaven.
My electric provider has been slow to recognise my installation, it wasn’t until I sent them an email enquiring about my FIT payment that they contacted me saying, they had sent out the ‘Terms and Conditions’ agreement for me to sign ten days ago and if I hadn’t received it I should ask for a replacement to be sent, I did and it came two days later.
Since my installation there has been several other bungalows around here that have had them installed on their roofs so I’m not on my own thinking I’ve made a worth while investment…

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