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I ordered a Pay as you Go phone because my mobile had stopped working. I needed one urgently and and the item was in stock and would be delivered the next day. Ordered on 12/04/2012 so delivery was next day. I did not receive a confirmation email for delivery and contacted the company a few hours later only to be advised that item was not in stock and they hope to deliver in the next 7 days. As I needed a phone urgently I decided to cancel this order and purchase from a company that did have phones available. I emailed the company and advised to cancel my order...surprise surprise no response. I proceeded to send 4 emails from my personal email as well as on their website asking to cancel my order and to confirm A.S.A.P.

Almost a week later I receive an email saying the item had come into stock and will be delivered. No customer service agents responded to my request to cancel the order, except one who said just sent a standard email to say it was being delivered and sorry for the delay.
Now I am stuck with a second mobile and you can only return once customer service has issued you a returns number but as you can see no response and from what I can see from the tons of reviews, everyone says they wait up to half an hour trying to contact the company and then the customer services take so long to deal with your order that you end up spending in excess of £30 on 1 phone call because they charge a premium to contact them and you are lucky if they even pick up the phone so you left on hold the entire time!!!

Awful company and services. Every review on the web says that this company is that terrible and many other people experienced problems with them and their customer services not helping and the company being thieves. I believe it now. i will definitely spread the word about the bad service. U do not deserve to be opened and broadly display on your website that you are part of Carphone Warehouse.

Mazuma Mobile

Quick, Hassles

Brilliant service and no hassles whatsoever. Money was deposited the day after they received the phone. Very good company and they also don't give you any problems like the others who promise you high prices but then give excuses once your phone is with them. The only criticism I do have is that they could have better buying rates when they purchase the phone from you as it is rather low.

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