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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Something should now be done about this firm. They are spot efficient ....AT TAKING YOUR MONEY. Almost instant......however that is where the efficiency ends. IF I DIDN'T KNOW BETTER I WOULD SAY THIS FIRM IS "BUST" GOING DOWN IN FLAMES. The only real question you need to ask yourself is "Do I think I can get; 1 my goods delivered, OR 2 is an illusionary 10% saving worth the arse ache of getting the credit card / paypal / worldpay, to step up and refund me,BEFORE THE RECEIVERS COME IN. (Because I can ASSURE you that getting Golfbuyitonline to process the refund is harder than getting a politician to answer THE question.) If you are still considering using them how about this offer. PAY ME £200 for matching Taylormade SLDR Driver and fairway wood, any loft, any flex, INCLUDING NEXT DAY DELIVERY......... you must know, I have not got any stock, but give me your money and I'll sort it out for you........promise. Fancy it??? You have just answered the question "Should I use Golfbuyitonline?" YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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Unbelievably Efficient!

Ordered at 17.30hrs delivered by 10.15hrs the next day...... I have not actually had a chance to pick up products so cannot comment on them. But a fantastic service, good website, and for the products I ordered spot on prices, and seemingly sufficient quality, in a range of colours, which was not available at other sites..... Give em a go, glad I did.


Bought a sale item 2 x baselayer garments. Unbeatable price, sent quickly. Every time I use these guy's I am always well served.

Pet Supermarket

Good Prices good service good delivery

Good Prices good service good delivery, I bought a drinking fountain for my dog......she really does not like it, but Pet Supermarket, did everything that I asked of them.

GolfStoreEurope Ltd

Always had good service, will use again.

I have used GSE on several occasions. The price has always been on the money, delivery good, and when we had an issue with a pair of adidas shoes, I returned them and received a new pair within the week. My personal experience is GSE have always upheld their side of the bargain, and when I needed their assistance they stepped up.

Farnell Cpc

Great price, Good product, Reliable delivery.

Great price, Good product, Reliable delivery.

Big Dog World

An Independent Slogging, It Out With The Multiples!!

Not another "Faceless Multiple". I loathe the fact that if I am not careful, I can all too easily be one of the masses blindly subscribing to the practices of large nationwide companies. So "Big Dog World", came as a breath of fresh air. I firmly believe that when we find a smaller company, that beat the big companies on PRICE, RELIABILITY, and SERVICE, then it is our duty to support them. BDW tick all the boxes. I spend a fair amount of my time and money buying online. The communications, speed, efficiency of my order were Second To NONE. Companies such as BDW need our support, it will make a difference. Unless of course, you want to live in a world run by Barclay's or Tesco..........Burger anyone??

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Easy Wellies

Good site, good service

Although I have not used boot yet, the site offered good info, delivery communication superb, seemed a very good price for the item, delivered promptly. Many thanks.



The firm that got too big........empty shelves......misleading pricing strategies...........I now go 3 miles out of my way to shop elsewhere.......



Use Paypal when purchasing safe safe......say no more!!


Good for a bargain!

My experience with ebay has always been a good one. Just recently I opened a spare part for my motor after buying it 9 weeks ago....wally ere bought the wrong part. Contacted seller and not only are they exchanging the part I bought wrongly, they have sent it before I sent the original purchase back.........restores my faith in humans just a little bit!!


Always worth a look!

When shopping online, I always check out Amazon to check I'm on the right track.


Best price, Speedy service, What else to say?

The price at time of purchase was UNBEATABLE. The service very efficient, try these guy's out! Not another mega-company, trying to take over the world. THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL!

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