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Very pleased

After finding a duvet set I really liked, I ordered it and went for free click-and-collect instore. The whole process was very straightforward. And I would defiantly use the service again.


A nightmare throughout

I only used lovefilm as amazon gave me a promo code after i brought a blu ray player, i rented the Futurama boxset which arrived promptly BUT.. the disc were in a terrible condition and wouldnt play on my games console or dvd player, i emailed customer support and they asked me to mail this one back and they would send me a replacement, and the replacement disc was just as bad! it did read but it kept skipping and stopping, it made me laugh when i told them YET AGAIN that the discs werent fit for purpose, all they said was "they passed our quality control" what quality control??? the discs looked like they were scrapped on concrete, at this point i had enough of lovefilm and decided to cancel, what a nightmare. The guy i spoke to had very poor english and i couldnt undertsand him very well and vice versa. he wouldnt let me cancel, he kept offering me further promotions and 'one month free', i firmly told him i was unsatisfied and wanted to cancel my account but he completly ignored this and asked me "what are your favourite movies"? what has that got to do with anything??. after 10 minutes of telling him "please can you cancel my account" he finally did, at this point i was nearly losing my temper. never again.


no problems at all

i've been doing up my bedroom so ive ordered a few items from Argos and my experience has been very good. reserved a dvd tower at my local store, it was there ready for me when i arrived, only had to wait 5 minutes in a queue. 2nd item was a tv stand for home delivery, arrived the next day no issues. last item was a double divan bed, i ordered it from argos as they had a 50% off beds, ordered it mid-feb and it arrived 7th march, it came within the delivery slot and driver rang me an hour before they arrived. when the bed arrived i had 2 very helpful guys who brought the mattress and bed upstairs for me. all in all very pleased with my experiance with Argos home delivery and i was shocked to see so many bad reviews for them, i must be either very lucky or people that are satisfied with the service dont review.


Very good :-)

I ordered a game from them as they were the only retailer selling a particular editon, i got it 1 day early, very well packaged and was emailed regulary about order updates. Very satisfied with the service i recieved


a complete waste of time

I have ATTEMPTED to do some surveys from Toluna via swagbucks and i have not once completed one, it randomly pops up "sorry but you do not qualify for this survey" with no explaination, they do not want my opinion on anything. please stay away from this company


only 3 stars?

Ive been with Vodafone for a number of years on PAYG and have had no major issues with them, except the top up line glitching a few times


Its so-so

i find the Pizza's to be average and VERY expensive, also they are a bit stingy on toppings ive found. the website is good to use, love the live feed which tells you when it is being prepared and whatnot.


great for gamers

I LOVE Facebook! so many games to play! very addictive



I can confirm Offeroasis is genuine, BUT. you really need to read throughly into all the offers, my mum has recieved 30+ freebies from this site in 2 months! but beware, there are some dodgy links and offers that are not what they seem, so be careful


why do companies do business with them?

Unfortunately my favourite clothing retailer has changed to Hermes and its been an absolute nightmare, I pay for next day delivery and get it 4 DAYS LATER..spent 2 days at the depot, they really need to get their act together ASAP

Just Eat

no problems yet

i find Just--eat very usefull as im very shy and cant deal with talking on the phone, had no problems whatsoever, dont know what i'll do without them


love them

Yours clothing is my favourite clothing retailer, clothes are generally very good quality and in very generous sizing, ive been to both high street shops and online, the staff at my local Yours shop are very friendly and bend over backwards to help you. the online shop is also good, if they lowered there shipping prices they would get 5 stars


its great when it does work

but the customer service is dire, call center staff have very poor english and most of the time they dont actually resolve your problem, BUT on a more positive note broadband is very fast and never drops, i get 9.6MB/s (advertised as 10mb). virgin media are very good when things work, but very bad when things go wrong


love them!

I buy a lot of stuff from amazon, they are very reliable and goods are generally a LOT cheaper then the high street, i highly recommend them



My mum brought 2 pairs of leggings from lavish alice as advertised in a national newspaper, when the leggings arrived they were not true to size at all, my mum is a size 12 so she picked medium/large, they were far too small, so we returned them(Lavishalice is a great website if your no bigger than a size 10!) then we discovered that they had taken 2 payments from us, we emailed them but they denied it outright. we went to our bank who confirmed they did take 2 payments from us and the bank will contact lavishalice for our money back, (which we did recieve 3 days later) the replies we got from customer service were very short and sharp, not even an apology from them through this whole situation.

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