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If you like tea, you will love Teapigs - it's as simple as that! This is a company with credentials which are as green as their Matcha Green tea. Packaging is recycled, tea bags area biodegradable and they are Rainforest Alliance certified. However, being good to the environment is a nice "plus" but this is not the reason I buy Teapigs. I'm part of a family of tea addicts and we live on the stuff. Tea is the motor oil that gets our engines running, especially on these cold winter mornings. Teapigs are different from the top selling brands as they use real leaves inside their bags, not the "dust" we have become used to from the big names. The difference is remarkable and the taste is sublime. In addition to the every day "Morning Glory", there are a wealth of incredible flavour combinations. I'm happy sticking with the everyday tea while my wife and kids rave about the Peppermint tea, Popcorn Tea, Chilli Chai, Lemongrass and Chocolate Flake teas - to mention but a few of the amazing flavours available. I would urge any tea lovers to give Teapigs a whirl. Like me, I am sure you will be surprised at how much better tasting tea can be! The flavour takes me back to the days when my grandmother would make a pot of tea from loose leaves and then strain the tea into her finest porcelain cup and saucer. The big 21st century plus is the fact that we can now get that flavour in its own "tea temple" bag so no tea strainers are required. Finally, if that wasn't enough to convince you to give Teapigs a try, I needed to contact customer service last week. I sent an email and expected to wait the obligatory 3 days for a response. I had a reply within an hour which I assumed was an automated reply advising me someone would be in touch shortly. I was wrong. It was a response to my email from a lady named Becky. She was wonderful and resolved my minor issue immediately. I am quite a demanding customer but I was stunned by not only the speed of the response but the overall level of customer service. Very often, companies are so focused on their product, the environment and the customer are not given a second thought. I can honestly say, with Teapigs, the environment and the customer are given equal billing with their world class quality tea. I would recommend this company and their awesome product offering to anyone who loves a cuppa.

Conrad Uk


Quite simply, the worst customer service I have ever experienced! I placed an order on 30th March for 10 self adhesive clips. A week later, a box arrived containing 10 electrical switches. I emailed Conrad to advise of the mix up and ask if they could collect the switches when they delivered the correct item. I had an automated email advising me they would endeavour to reply within 24 hours but in busy periods would take longer. It has now been almost 7 weeks, I have sent numerous emails and only had one reply. The reply was to say as so long had passed, they assumed my query had been resolved and so the matter was closed. It has NOT been resolved because they NEVER respond. Email is far easier because of long working hours but I did spend one afternoon trying their customer helpline. I spend over an hour calling, each time I got to be next in the queue, I was on hold for around 10 minutes and the phone went dead! It has now been nearly 7 weeks, I have a box of switches (far more expensive than the clips ordered) but no clips.

If you can avoid dealing with this company, I highly recommend you do so. The customer service is non-existent and so if there are any problems with your order, you are unlikely to get it resolved. I have learned my lesson and in future, will happily pay more to a company that cares about the customer.

Mazuma Mobile


Mazuma Mobile are the biggest mobile phone recycler in the UK. From experience, I know that biggest is not always best. However, in the case of Mazuma, this is certainly true. I sent off my phone on 17th July (yesterday) and chose to pay for next day delivery. I had the freepost option from Mazuma but decided to pay a couple of quid (£6.35) for next day delivery as Royal Mail (not the safest pair of hands) insure the package up to £500 in case of loss or damage. As my phone was worth almost £200, I thought it sensible to be cautious. At 11.35 today (18th July) I received an email from Mazuma to advise me my phone had been received. At 13.10 (less than 2 hours later) I received another email from Mazuma to advise my bank transfer had been made and to tell me the money would be in my account within 2 hours – which it was. I have used other phone recyclers in the past with varying degrees of service – but never again. It was a friend’s personal recommendation that led me towards Mazuma but my own experience which will keep me there as a regular and loyal customer. This service was exceptional by any standard and I recommend them to everyone.


Bargain basement prices – just exercise caution.

I am very surprised that so few have reviewed DHgate and those who have, had nothing particularly nice to say. I suspect, valid fears of counterfeit products or non-delivery are scaring people away from the often “too good to be true” prices available. Well I am here to testify that DHgate is a relatively safe place to trade provided you go in with your eyes open, exercise caution and shop wisely. The review below is far longer than I would normally write but it is done to try and get the full message (good, bad, warts and all) across to prospective “members” of the DHgate experience. I should point out that the bulk of this advice is not exclusive to DHgate. This is general advice for dealing with the Chinese market. Armed with this information and your experience of eBay, you can make a more informed decision. I gave DHgate a 3* review because, like with eBay, you will find sellers rated 1 to 5 and everywhere in between.

Firstly, DHgate is an internet portal bringing together sellers (predominantly Chinese) and buyers like me and you from all over the world. Think along the lines of a Chinese eBay. The Chinese are the masters of imitation and so feeling your way around the site is easy if you are an eBayer. You should routinely perform the same checks with sellers before making any purchase. Look at the feedback and comments from others. Use this information as you would with eBay and remember, no rating is often worse than a bad rating. You will find lots of counterfeit stuff on the site but this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as the site itself is effectively a counterfeit eBay - they even have a Dispute Resolution Centre!

In terms of what’s available, just about everything is for sale. However, by being selective, you can minimise the chances of buying fake goods. Some people will have you believe that fakes are actually made in the same factory and by the same staff as the genuine articles. WRONG! This may have been the case 10-15 years ago but not today. Take Apple as an example who manufacture the iPhone in China. To win this lucrative contract, manufacturers (with facilities the size of cities) fight to firstly win and then to retain the right to manufacture. Eggs are NEVER put in one basket and there are always 2 or 3 different companies manufacturing such products at the same time. This protects Apple (or whoever) against being held to ransom and to ensure continuity of supply in the event of natural disasters or strikes. These businesses are always under the watchful eye of the brand owner and cannot afford to put a foot wrong. The myth that these are made in the same factories is perpetuated by the fakers themselves to make you and I believe that even if the goods are fake, they are the same quality. Try using a fake iPhone or try on a fake Armani and you will soon realise there is no truth in this myth. This applies to ALL top brands from around the globe without exception. The counterfeiters work in much cruder factories and this is evident in everything they produce, be it electronics, clothing, cosmetics or even Viagra. Counterfeiting is such big business that officials are reluctant to shut it down because it keeps tens of millions in work. A palm is filled with cash and a blind eye is turned.

The rule of thumb I use is to avoid Western branded goods completely. These items fetch a premium rate and are “worthwhile” faking. Let’s not forget there is still a considerable start-up cost for the counterfeiter setting up his factory and production line. He will only do this if he can sell for a premium price (Apple, Armani; etc.) or sell in huge volume (Gillette, Duracell; etc). You can also be sure that as good as 100% of computer software, CDs, DVDs etc are fake as these are relatively easy to copy. So what can you buy? My advice is to buy Chinese branded goods as these are often good quality and far below the price of the foreign counterpart. As an example, I collect fountain pens. I have bought hundreds of pens from China. These are Baoer, Duke, Picasso, Jinhao, Hero etc. By shopping around, you can get a great quality writing instrument for a fraction of the Western alternative. More bang for your buck. Shanghai is the centre of the industry and counterfeits are very few and far between. However, when I am buying a Parker or a Montblanc, China is the last place I would look as these WILL be fake. The Chinese do not tend to counterfeit Chinese goods unless they are very high-end.

I share this advice as both a consumer and as a Senior Risk Analyst who has recently returned from a 3 year ex-pat assignment in Hong Kong. My job was visiting these factories and assessing their credibility, performance and creditworthiness so I know the products you can expect to find on this site. I hope my insight coupled with your own judgement, enables you to find a bargain. If you do give DHgate a whirl, a few more tips (you will be relieved if you are brave enough to have read this far) are in bullet form below.

• Do some research and find out whether a Chinese brand is available
• Always check a sellers feedback
• Place a small order first to test quality and seller reliability
• Watch out for true cost which is often “hidden” in shipping charges
• Check minimum order – sometimes you must buy 100 or even 1,000 units
• Always pay via Escrow facility such as Paypal. If seller won’t take Paypal, walk away
• Prepare to wait, it will take goods 2-4 weeks to reach Europe
• Be VERY wary of branded goods
• If things go wrong you will face a language barrier so keep communication short & simple.
• If all of the above hasn’t put you off and you take the plunge, share your own experience here on Trust Pilot. The more consumers that share their experience, the better informed and safer we can all become.

Cult Pens

Huge level of stock at unbeatable prices and fast delivery.

I have been collecting pens for years but never previously dealt with Cult Pens, always favouring more “specialist” pen suppliers. In view of the superb ratings on Trust Pilot, I decided to give them a whirl. After doing so, I would recommend these to anybody from the serious pen collector to someone just wanting to stock up on day-to-day stationery needs.

The stock being carried is truly remarkable and it is being sold at low prices to make it easy on the pocket. One little touch I really like is the fact that Cult Pens sell all their stock in singles. This makes it much easier to buy necessities on a tight budget. Couple these points with great communication, fast delivery and wonderful customer service and they all combine to make this the perfect one-stop-shop for all your stationery requirements.

I have already saved Cult Pens to my favourites toolbar and I am planning my next purchase. Only one word of caution. They carry so much stock at such good prices, you may want to keep an eye on your shopping basket. I was happily adding my “bargains” last night and after about 30 minutes this had climbed to almost £200. However, this is more to do with the fact that I wanted to bag all the bargains I saw at once.

In summary, I recommend this seller to anyone and everyone.

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