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Never, Never again

I moved to Cornwall and chose BT to supply phone, internet, and tv services- BAD MISTAKE!
Faulty billing, passe from pillar to post when contacted customer services, agents that had no idea what they were talking about, lies mis information, HOURS holding on the phone....I left



I have found many wonderful cars thru this service and it is so easy to use


Internet shopping - PLEEEEZZZZ

I love this place but can rarely get there - I just wish they would introduce internet shopping


just wish

great place to shop with unusual and inexpensive deals but i just wish they had a delivery service


Went Downhill

It was good when i first started using them and i have to admit their delivery charge is one of the cheapest but soon the alternatives started creeping in and rarely did the alternative have that much to do with the original item ordered, then there was more and more no alternative
available so i was left with many missing items of groceries.The last straw came when i received nothing because they claimed when i rang them -they had had problems with my card, why had they not contacted me much earlier when this had happened i asked - no reasonable reply was given and i was left without.
For a housebound person that cannot just pop out to get essentials this was unacceptable.
I stopped using them

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I love you Mr Jeeves

I have used this site since my first stumbling steps into the world of the WWW.
Mr Jeeves always finds what i ask him to and never lets me down, can't say that about any other man in my life !!!!



I spend hours on this site - i have insomnia and have trolled thru so many games sites and always come back to Mindjolt and it keeps me happy which is hard to do


My Life Love

What would i do without it???
As a housebound person i know i can always get what i need on Ebay and would be so very stuck without it


They know customer service

I have always had superb service from Amazon and on the occasional times goods have not been correct their customer services are 2nd to none I was astonished by ho they put he customer first,
I have heard they have just taken over Lovefilm- Lets hope they can sort out that lot


This lot offer you deals and send you money off e vouchers and then when you make the order and enter the voucher it doesn't work and you end up paying the whole amount, which , when you are on benefits and so have to count every penny is a blow, I wore it because the stuff was for my animals but then they had the bloody cheek to send me ANOTHER money off voucher - like i would fall for it again!
i contacted the customer services and complained but as expected they either ignored the point or when pressed tried to blame it all on me.
Total rip off
Just tried to reply to the loverly Felicity Bell who sent the reply and guess what????

04 April 2012

Reply from

Hello Francesca, I am sorry to hear that you have been having trouble using our promotional codes. We are of course more than happy to follow through on the promise of any discount sent out. I can see that you don't have a current order with us, but I will contact you directly within thenext half an hour to discuss this isue with you.
Hello Fran,
I am going to contact you now be telephone.
Hello Fran, I have left you a voicemail and will try again to contact you before 6. I can be contacted on the main number on the website also if you would like to ask for me directly. It is not a premium rate number.

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