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Intuit Pay - Mobile card reader

I have been using the Intuit Pay card reader to enable my customers to pay for my services when I sweep their chimneys. I have found it easy to use and more importantly my customers are comfortable using it. This means I get paid much quicker than if I am paid by cheque, and I don't get given a bouncy cheques !

Autonet Insurance

An internet company that can't e-mail renewal documents.

I had my van insured with Autonet which was expiring on 13-05-13. Two weeks before the renewal I contacted them asking for my renewal documents. I was told they were in the post. A week later they had not turned up, so I contacted Autonet again asking where my renewal document were. They said they had been sent but would resend replacement documents. I asked if they could e-mail me a copy. The response I got was amazing. They said that their procedures do not allow them to do so, and they could go through them over the phone. I said this was unacceptable and that in the 21st century an internet company not being able to send a renewal document over e-mail was unbelievable. Two working days before my insurance expired I contacted them again requesting the renewal documents to be e-mailed to me as the hard copy had not turned up. Again they refused to help, just saying that their procedures do not allow renewal documents to be e-mailed. I asked if someone from customers services could return my call as I was unhappy and did not want to pay 10p per minute for there internal procedure problems.
On the last working day before my insurance ran out I received the renewal documents through the post along with SIX separate letters reminding me that my insurance was about to expire ! I then had a call from Autonet by someone who was probably reading off a crib sheet saying they were not set up to e-mail renewals out to customers. After a heated conversation with her I found out that she was not from customer services but Renewals Team Leader. She kept saying that I was offered to go through the documents over the phone. I explained several times that this is unacceptable as I could not physically see them and that when they eventually tuned up there were SEVENTEEN pages of documents & small print, how you can go through that amount of documents without having a copy in front of you I find to be reckless. In the mean time I had made other arrangements with another Insurance Company that proved to be only £9 more expensive, but at least I could sleep at night knowing that if I had to make a claim I would be dealing with one of the major insurers.
Later that day, not long after I requested the Trustpilot reference number I had a call from Autonet Customer Services. The lady who called me was very apologetic, saying this sort of situation should not happen, and said they would credit me with £10 to cover the cost of the calls I had made. She also said that she would be bringing this up when they have a management meeting. So the questions has to be asked -
1. Was I happy with the service - A resounding No.
2. Would I use them again - No.
3. Would I recommend them to anyone else - No.

MPB Photographic

Great Lens

Received my Sigma 120 - 400 lens, very pleased with the lens. the description was spot on.
Wasn't that impressed with Parcel Force their 24hr delivery turned out to be 48hrs


Quick response after gunshot damage

After having my van shot by some yoik with an air gun. I contacted The Sign Builder to replace my damaged signwriting. Once the door had been repaired the new decals arrived quickly with no problems and matched the rest of the signwriting perfectly.

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