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Some products excellent, others disappointing, customer service so far good!

I have been testing various products in this range. The raspberry yoghurt smoothie is absolutely superb and really 'breakfasty'. I found the chocolate, chocolate mint and frappucino disappointingly lacking in flavour. This was dealt with by adding a teaspoon of cocoa to the chocolate ones, and a teaspoon of coffee to the frappucino. I have now tried the lemon meringue - again WAY too subtle for me so I added some VLCD-friendly lemon water flavouring. However I don't know how I would have got on if the flavours weren't so easy to improve on without adding many calories - eg like strawberry or banana. Making them up in a shaker with 227 mls of fridge cold water and 4-5 large ice cubes gives a frothy and thick consistency as long as you shake really hard for at least a minute. I have actually found that the shaker for me gives a better result than a jug blender (add the ice afterwards), but maybe there's a knack with the blender I've not found yet. The shakes are a little 'gritty' made with a shaker because of the crystals of vitamin/mineral mix, but I have found that leaving them in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes, then re-shaking allows some of the crystals to dissolve. However I'd gone really OTT on the raspberry yoghurt shake on the second order - which was my large one - and phoned Boosh to ask about doing a swap, explaining that the first order was really a small test to see if I liked the products. They were really helpful and more than happy to have the overstocked raspberry smoothie returned with a note to say what I wanted in return. Like all VLCDs there are pluses and minuses with each one, so I order what I like from several. I do like the creaminess of frothiness of the Boossh shakes (made with a shaker) so these are staying on my order list. Delivery times are also pretty fast.

08 August 2013

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Hi Beverley

Thanks for your Boossh review, thanks for sharing the tips, we do also have a great community you can post your mealpak tips to, this is at Everyone is different in tastes, we have a large product range of flavours, so you can find what works for you. Also please note different VLCD companies, have different qualty vitamins and minerals and ingredients, and we would not recommend you mixing all products from different companies, it could alter your weight loss, or cause an upset tummy due to the different mineral contents. Hope this helps

Kind regards

Team Boossh

All About Weight

Highly responsive company, products a little disappointing so far

I ordered a few all about weight products to try them compared to a few other on the market VLCDs - with and without counsellor support. I had to change my customer details on the website from an earlier order and the website wouldn't let me. Customer support was terrific and got that sorted in just a couple of minutes. I had some other VCLD shakes already and didn't need more at this time, so ordered the savoury mealpacks, having had them a couple of years ago and thought they were quite nice. The pasta carbonara is tasty (and wasn't available the last time I ordered the mealpacks), but makes up a disappointingly small portion, which is quite low in protein and relatively high in carbs. It would be good for this portion size to be improved if possible without upping the carb content. The cottage pie was not the same as I remembered at all. The last time I had it I really enjoyed it, but this time around the flavour was very different. It was far more 'potatoey' rather than 'mincey'. and I found the soya mince lumps in it too large and chewy. I had to add curry powder to it to be able to eat it. The spicy spaghetti was nice, but again the soya lumps were too large and chewy. I'd have preferred a little smoother consistency. I also have noticed that the shake formula had changed, so there is on average far less protein in the shakes now. The old strawberry one used to have 19g of protein, I'm sure the banana one was similar, and the chocolate one 16g of protein and only about 8g of carbs. If you are on a 'ketosis diet' then what you want is the lowest reasonable carb count and the old shakes were better on that front than the new ones. The other thing is there is FAR TOO MUCH packaging. I'd recommend improving the products and not spending money on packaging which is twice as large as you need to contain the product! However, on the plus side I have just had a lovely chat with customer services about the savoury mealpacks and offered thoughts on the product range. They actually said that it wasn't cost effective for me to send the mealpacks I didn't like back to them (the cottage pie basically) but they would be refunding the cost anyway. In return for the feedback here and via phone they have sent me 4 of their current shakes - banana, caramel, chocolate and café latte. Thanji called me yesterday to see if I'd had any of them and what I thought, but I hadn't. I will amend this review when I've had them. However after looking at several VLCDs and testing products, have at the moment decided to order my MRP shakes from a different VLCD company because the shakes are really thick and filling and cheaper than from all about weight, and get the MRP meal packs from a second because they were cheaper, and meal bars from a third company because they were cheaper AND larger and had more protein in them.

Reported to Watchdog and Don't Get Done Get Dom


04 April 2012

Reply from Pioneer Bathrooms Ltd

Hi Beverley,

Unfortunately, Lesley is correct. Your contract was with Ltd, and this company has gone in to liquidation. Pioneer Bathrooms simply operates the website; we purchased it as a liquidated asset from Ltd on the 22nd March 2012.

Pioneer Bathrooms are responsible for any order placed on or after the 22nd March 2012.

I would suggest taking this up with your credit card company if you feel that the item was not fit for purpose; they may be able to help.


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