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Great products, great service, not cheapast...

...but you get what you pay for. They have best quality protein in the UK and the different tastes are quite good too. Service is prompt and efficient. Tastes good, prices are comparable to others and compared to places like myyprotein the quality difference is obvious,


Good Site, Well Executed

Used them for all those non-normal/Courier/Royal Mail type larger deliveries. The only criticism I would level is they should highlight those that are simply 'agents' for couriers - as this is not what Shipley should be about.

Excellent, cannot fault

Easy site, good price, quick delivery with DPD in allotted time slot - just what internet orders should be like. Well done.


Good, quick

May not pay immediately but I had the money within a few days - best price which was main point

Good price, arrived as promised

I am reviewing MY experience here - ordered one day, paid for next day, arrived next day, good price - job done! 5 Star review

I have been reading with interest other bad reviews though and I don't think most people realise that My Protein were bought out by the Hut Group last year - since then their customer service will have been absorbed into The Hut's large cal centre. The upshot of this is that there will always be a transition period where things go wrong.

However, a business is assessed as much on the way it deals with problems as much as how good it is at getting goods out the door quickly! And it seems this is where they maybe ought to be looking at.

However, I have no gripes whatsoever - arrived quickly as promised at a good price.

Bernards Bins

Quick and cheaper than their "other" site

Cannot fault, bought through their ebay store but did this because it was cheaper on P&P than purchasing through their "sister/other" site which is Big Dug which seems to like to price low and then whack you with massive P&P charges.
Good price, quick delivery - buy from here rather than their sister Bid Dug site!


Good Pricing, Slow Delivery, No UK Plug

I have bought from them a few times and if you are willing to wait a few days longer than say Amazon then you can probably get it cheaper here than most. The issue is with electrical equipment that requires a UK plug - both time I have not had one and it's come with a EU plug instead - so I have had to go out and buy a plug convertor - kinds of defeats the savings.

26 May 2011

Reply from Pixmania

Dear Lilly

Thank you for your review.

We apologise for the inconvenience.
Some of our products are European and the electrical plugs are generally 2 pin continental plugs, the voltage is the same and our products are the same spec as you would get in the UK (This is stated in the terms and conditions).
When the product has a 2 pin plug we add an adapter to the parcel on our warehouse before the parcel is being shipped. This adapter converts the 2 pin plug into a 3 pin.
If this converter plug was missing, we always offer customers to ship another one or refund the cost of an adaptor plug bought locally (up to 5 GBP).
Please do not hesitate to contact me at should you have further questions.

Best regards,

Pixmania Mediator


Good site, upto date stock info, quick delivery

All good as per the title of the review - use for my small business as well as home

Easy site, good pricing, good delivery

All good from this site - purchase a few times from them now for myself and for my kids - no problems at all.

Cheap but slow delivery and multiple deliveries

The sooner the govt reduces the VAT threshold so that companies like PLay can't take advantage of it the better. Then we can buy from companies that don't split an order for 3 cd/dvds into 3 parcels so I end up having to pick them up from the post office 3 bloody times!
Sure pricing is OK but just so THEY save the VAT they split orders into amounts that are less than £17 or something. I see that Tesco, Asda and all the rest of them ship from the Channel Islands too nowadays so they can all save on tax - while the rest of UK companies have no choice but to pay it - money goes to money as usual


The Next Wall-Mart - Beware

Sure, pricing is good, delivery is good, service is good etc etc but you have to make a moral decision when shopping here - same as with Wallmart too - they are ruining small businesses by driving out competition. A small business needs to make a profit to run, operate and employ staff etc - Amazon don't care - they will sell at very near cost and go for volume.
Sure, the consumer gets cheaper goods but in the long run companies like Amazon will drive the economy further into the ground. The majority of poeple are employed by small businesses - as these are closed down due to large corporations like Amazon, Tesco, Walmart etc your job maybe at risk too! Think on

How do they do this? Well, Amazon are worse than Tesco etc in my opinion in that they actively encourage small businesses to sell their goods on the Amazon platform (for huge commissions of course) BUT they then see what their marketplace sellers are selling well and then buy direct themselves and undercut the small businesses they had asked to join them - this is insidious and morally wrong on so many levels - shame on you Amazon. They regularly undercut anyone that beats them in the organic search results too
Basically I will NOT shop with Amazon anymore due to their global domination type attitude and their disregard for what drives the economy - small businesses!

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Overall quite good

For business computers they are fine. Configuration was easy, live chat helped make some decisions easier, pricing was competitive and build & delivery was on time as promised. Can't really complain - just so "uninspiring" but fine for business.

Virgin Atlantic

Will Try and Avoid Them From Now On

We have used Virgin for our FLorida flights quite a few times - using air miles collected through Amex and then xferring them to Virgin.

Problem we've had this past 3 or 4 flights is the attitude of the Virgin crew on the plane has been really poor. Sure they smile when it suits them but there has been an air of everything is too much trouble recently - rolling eyes, sighs, just general body language that indicates they would just rather sit down and read their mags in between the times they throw meals at you.

We tend to travel with their Premium service (not Upper but better than Economy) and you tend to pay £500/£600 more per person per flight - so a family of 4 it racks up. For that money I expect a courteous service at all times.

We try and avoid them from now on. We have had better cabin crew service from BMI and even BA to be honest. Shame really, used to like Virgin at first.

Saying that - going to Dubai with them this year in Upper Class so we will see - again - not by choice - just the only ones that flew there on the dates we had where we could use our airmiles to reduce the cost.

Peak Nutrition

Quick service, good price, all good!

Found them on google and they were one of the cheapest (maybe not the cheapest but the cheapest looked, well, too cheap!). Website was easy to use - seemed to have loads of security - order arrived next day - job done!

Bad Pre Sales Knowledge - awful after sales - going to Trading Standards Now

I ordered a Dorado GT4 from them - pre-sales was good (I thought at first) - and arrived next day as promised.

However, then it went wrong.

Firstly - the Windows OS installed was a trial version and they didn't include the disk or the license key. However, this was sorted around a week later when they shipped it separately.

However, I clearly stated to the salesman I need a system that I could hook up twin DVI monitors as it was for a member of staff that did photo/design work and they needed digital quality displays

He said this one came with DVI and HDMI so that would be fine as long as my monitors accepted HDMI. I checked and both monitors accepted DVI and HDMI.

Arrived and while 2 monitors can be hooked up only 1 can be digital - the other has to be analogue

It has take 2 weeks to get them to finally accept that the PC will not output twin digital outputs

I have asked what they intend to do about it - I have NOT asked for compensation or asked for a new graphics card free

I explicitly stated I would pay for an upgrade for the grahpics card and will send back the one that's installed if they send me one that will output twin digital

Several days passed and not a word.

Finally, got a message to call them and was told that "I have tried but they won't budge and won't do anything - just go out and buy a new graphics card" they said.

Appalling service - appalling pre-sales knowledge

I am now going to go to Trading Standards. I will NOT return the PC for a refund because it is fully up and running - just not working as it should. I spent 3 days installing and getting it set up so I am not going through that again. I will have to go out and buy a card that fits.

They wouldn't even tell me what card would fit in this machine - just "go and sort it yourself" I was told over the phone.

I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone ever. A company is built on how it deals with the customers after the transaction. If all they had done was say "We are sending out a graphics card that will work - pop the other one back to us and we'll charge the difference" then fine.

I was NOT asking for a freebie - I accepted it was likely to be lack of knowledge on the salesman part but we all make mistakes and I would happily pay for an upgraded card - just SORT IT OUT!

But to tell me to just buy another one myself is terrible service.
I simply cannot believe there is a company that doesn't go bust that offers this low level of service.

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Mazuma Mobile

Does what it says on tin!

Quick, easy and prompt payment. Are better deals out there but they make it so easy I keep using them!

However, recently sold them an iPhone for £200 and I asked them how they made money on that to be told they sold them to developing countries. So, that makes me A little uneasy to be helping a company make money out of Africa or wherever. I mean, how can they make money on a 2nd hand iPhone when paying me £200? Doesn't sound right at all hence lowered review rating. 5 stars for service, 3 stars for morals.


Great Service Pretty Good Pricing and No Substitutes

Having used Sainsbury's and Tesco's online in the past I had now stuck with Ocado for a couple of years. They always turn up in their allotted time, they call if they're late or whether they can be early even. They have only ever substituted anything from my list once compared to Sains and Tesco's who did it nearly every time. The drivers are courteous and always bring my bags to the door (which is a long way from where they can park!). Oh, and they now price match tesco on a lot of the daily stuff too. Very good


Not UK So Please Be Careful

They are not from the UK despite their supposed UK address. It took ages for the goods to arrive and then they looked like they'd been run over. Customer support was useless and in the end I have to do a chargeback with my credit card company to get my money back. Absolutely awful.

When I looked into them a little more I could see their web address was registered to some bloke in Portugal so that should say it all.

Don't trust and be careful who you purchase from in the future! I know I will


Took forever and then I found out I could get it cheaper elsewhere!

Ok site and I ordered a pelvic toner from them. It took over a week to arrive and in the mean time I found out I could get it elsewhere a little cheaper. I emailed them and got no response. Goods finally arrived and were as described but the whole process left me feeling disappointed.

13 January 2012

Reply from

Thank you for your review.

We offer free delivery (3-5 days) on all items over £45. If you need anything quicker we offer an Express Delivery for £5.95.

We try to be as competitive as possible with all our pricing, but unfortunatley do not price match as not all offers are the same.


Paul Chambers - Team Leader
Customer Services


Pretty Good - Will Use Again

I have ordered a few times off them and even though it comes from Jersey (and therefore takes a little longer than a UK company) I cannot fault them on price or product

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