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BT make the billing complicated.

BT are complacent about the effectiveness of their communication with long standing customers. Also, they should do more offers for loyal customers.


Experience of trying to get my boiler fixed stressed me out!

It took five separate call outs in just one week to get my boiler fixed under a British Gas HomeCare 100 policy. I gave up trying to reason with engineers and call centre staff. In the end I just continued to calI them out to my boiler until the job was done. I misread the signals somewhere along the line. It wasn't a question of what was the fault with my boiler. In the end, I realised that It was a more fundamental question. When I voiced my concerns to service engineers about the problems I have experienced with the boiler, ( the radiators were heating up when the hot tap was turned on, with the heating off), I was told that my boil was at least working. That is not good enough. Yes my boiler was working. It's just that it wasn't working very well. Its like saying a car is working if the ignition starts, but the wheels don't turn. Added to all of this is the fact that I was asked for £250 for a part to modify the system and bombarded with phone calls seeking my views. In the end I just snapped and told them what I really thought.
As I have said, the whole experience left me stressed out. The other thing is that every time an engineer came out to the boiler, they always called a mate for the spare part, who happened to be just around corner. When I queried this, I was told quite tersely, that I was fortunate not to have to wait a couple of days for the part to be ordered.
The whole experience is horrendous, coupled with sometimes unreliable gas boiler. Boilers can be unreliable. That's machinery for you. But British Gas don't help matters.


Appropriate customer service

Customer services appropriately sorted out clerical errors in returns.

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