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Animed Direct


Best online price I could find
Free delivery
Tracked delivery
Fast delivery
Well packaged
VAT invoice
Payment was taken after delivery.
What more could I ask...perfect.


Easy, straight forward online order, DPD delivery with tracking provided, delivery day notified in advance and a short delivery window on day of delivery. 5 Stars.


Getting better?

Don't use them, don't work for them, don't rely on them.
If your supplier uses them, complain!!!

Amongst others mentioned here, O2 changed to Yodel (this year I think). The customer service people at O2 are fully aware just how bad Yodel are.

April 2013
Yodel have delivered several items from different suppliers in recent months, all without problem. Perhaps they are finally sorting out their service? I often speak to their drivers and my impression is improving a little. I am therefore upgrading my rating from 1 star to 3 star based on recent experiences.

Great until you have a problem.

My laptop died suddenly just as I had urgent work to do so I ordered a replacement and paid for 24 hour delivery. My new laptop arrived and after spending the whole day setting it up I discovered a fault. I contacted ebuyer and explained my predicament. The automatons at the other end could only quote chapter an verse at me about their returns policy so I decided on a refund. In all I waited a week for my money back and in the meantime I had to go and buy another laptop elsewhere. Thanks to ebuyer I had to find the cash for two laptops at short notice. I ha paid extra for 24 hour delivery and was assured this would be refunded but it wasn't so I had to contact them again.

The returns policy and automated system for logging returns is extremely irritating. Once I had logged my return I did get a landline telephone number to contact 0330 333 9390.

As a long established customer I was extremely disappointed with ebuyer. They wasted my time and money and were inflexible. My new laptop came from Currys PC World where I can at least return faulty goods to store. In future I will think twice before ordering again.

17th April 2013
Another order, another delivery of faulty goods and another unhelpful ebuyer.
Goods supplied appeared to have been used already and were faulty and inferior. Once again I have to wait for collection and approval before a redelivery. Ebuyer returns could not set aside any of their limited stock for me and of course once my return was processed they were out of stock. Extremely unhelpful, blaming their own systems is no excuse. CUSTOMER SERVICES HUNG UP THE PHONE!!!

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22 November 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

I apologise for the faulty laptop you received.

As you will have been advised by our Customer Support Team, there is a 3-5 working day turnaround time from when we receive the returned item to when a refund or replacement is issued. This time depends on how busy our returns are at the time.

Your comments regarding the return turnaround time will be forwarded as we are always looking for ways to try and improve our service.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team


Excellent, if you can handle a little Spanish.

My previous review of another supplier details my mixed feelings about them so I've been looking for an alternative for some time now. I decided to look at Spanish websites as I speak a little Spanish and I soon found Tienda poppers. After a little research I decided to take a chance and created an account.

Their website is full of various adult products including an extensive range of 'aromas' with various buying options. I was impressed to easily find details about the chemical make-up of each product which my previous supplier never detailed.

After making my choice I was presented with payment methods and of course I preferred the safer paypal method. The purchase was in Euros and in the past my bank has only detailed the exchange rate after the fact so paypal was a great option.

Unlike ebay the paypal system is not linked so I had to make a 'manual' payment from paypal and await an update to my order. This is where a little Spanish comes in handy. If you speak none you could probably just about manage this process with an online translator.

In due course the status of my order was changed to confirmed, meaning they had received my payment. This was of course a relief on a first order. Over the course of the next 2 weeks I checked and monitored my order as it whinged it's way from Portugal (not Spain!!!) and into the UK via the Heathrow hub. My goods arrived after around 12 working days and I was very happy with the quality of the product.

One slight worry was that my order number indicated it may be early days for this online business so I confirmed receipt to them by email as this was most likely their first dispatch the UK. I have since placed a subsequent order which this time arrived after 5 working days...most impressive!

The range of products on their website give plenty of options for quantity, size, and composition. You'll have to make your own choices about which product to buy but suffice to say Tienda is well worth a look and having road-tested them, I am now a big fan and a regular customer. Check out the bulk items for the best deals. I found overall the prices comparable with my previous supplier but I do feel I now know what I'm buying with Tienda.

UPDATE 29/04/2013
Having placed several orders through Tienda Poppers now I am happy that this company is established, reliable and very helpful indeed. Homophobic PayPal will no longer take their payments so Tienda are now using HiPay which allows credit card payments in Euros and this is generally available to most UK credit/debit cards. When placing an order you are offered payment options. IBAN bank transfer is available but all my bank accounts charge for this service so the HiPay method was straightforward and additional costs from my bank for the exchange into Euros cost me very little @ 2%. The owner/proprietor of Tienda has proven very helpful providing assistance by email wherever needed and I would highly recommend Tienda to one and all. Purchasing from abroad in other currencies can be fraught with danger so I am very happy to have found this reliable supplier and I am a very satisfied customer.

DHL delivery cost under 10 Euros and an order placed Friday was delivered to me with tracking on Monday.

Great idea, watch out for auto renewals!!!

Received a free first order from an ebay seller and promptly signed up.

Fantastic idea, particularly for busy lunch hours and health conscious workers. The website is great and you rate different products to personalise your graze boxes.

Yes it's a little pricey but it's a great gift idea and I particularly like the idea of sending a graze box with a birthday greeting (etc) inside. I will probably try this.

My rating is only 3 stars because Graze have followed this new trend of what I consider unethical behaviour by making you sign up for a free order and then tangling you up within their system.

Read the small print, check everything, make sure you are aware you will need to cancel before your second 'payable' order if you don't want this automatically sending boxes and charging you.

Even the cancellation of the regular deliveries is a little complicated, not a problem for me but I guarantee that many people unfamiliar with internet shopping and website methods will end up with an unexpected order they have been charged for.

Overall I think Graze is an excellent idea but I do not like companies who utilise these slightly dodgy methods to auto-renew. They aren't breaking any laws but they are certainly maximising their potential for accidental orders.

November 2012
It happened! Despite a half price offer the overly complicated ordering system at Graze caused me to pay full price when I thought I had two half price boxes permitted. Graze were typically inflexible so I will no longer use this service. Well done Graze, you offered an interesting service and managed to lose this customer.


Excellent or Awful

It seems there is a clear divide between customers as to whether this company is legit and providing quality products or dodgy as hell and supplying counterfeit product.

As a customer of several years I have rated 3 star because the truth is sadly somewhere between the two. I do suspect that some reviews may well be by Goran Chemicals themselves but I don't doubt that some of their positive reviews are genuine.

I have experienced both sides of this company; quality product and poor quality product. Excellent customer service and ignored emails.

In fairness to Power Poppers they do offer excellent prices with various discounts available. I suspect some previous problems were either related to suppliers or maybe they were perfecting their "bathtub" formulas but in any case, although their products do the job required of them, they do lose their strength quickly and somehow have never matched up to say pre UK ban Liquid Gold which I bought for many years locally. On balance I have never quite made my mind up whether they are legit products but I absolutely recognise that if you have a problem they will ignore you.

In summary, they offer better than UK legal at good prices but they will take up to 3 weeks to deliver from Praha Slovakia and you will always end up charged around 5% more than you expect. I will rate the products 3 out of 5 but customer service is non-existent once your order has been confirmed.

Suffice to say I am now trying another supplier.
Power Poppers are worth the risk but you are taking a risk.

See my reviews for details.


How many million???

I love Money Saving Expert and I do hope they won't change after the buyout. The site creator Martin Lewis is an absolute treasure and he is remaining at the helm so I have no worries for now but if he ever leaves, I will probably follow.


Does what it says.

I have had many excellent experiences with purchases from Argos with complicated items and deliveries. I have never experienced any problems with them at all. The website is excellent with stock checking, reserve item, delivery options. A pleasure to buy from.


Fine until someone rips you off

I have always been suspicious that ebay do not provide sufficient back-up in the event of fraud however, after years of friends singing it's praises I finally decided to join and began purchasing small items.

Within a month I decided to purchase a more expensive item from a long established seller with excellent reviews and a very high rating. Guess what? My money has been stolen!

Ebay has been about as much use as a chocolate fireguard and are incredibly irritating to deal with due to their automated systems and responses which are not set up for this situation.

For your information, if you are ever ripped off by an ebay seller, ebay will assist the police if contacted by them but will not do anything else. If you ever do get your money back it will be months later but I doubt this will ever happen anyway.

My advice is, buy small cheap non-electronic items you can afford to lose. Never spend more than a tenner.

July 2012 Update
I have re-rated ebay from 1 star to 3 star following my full refund. I still have reservations regarding electronics and their attitude to legal disputes. I also consider their various reporting methods highly irritating and obstructive, however, they did resolve my problem eventually and I therefore think 3 out of 5 is a fair rating.


Awful - Avoid - Weigh up the alternatives - Only use for items you would purchase anyway.

I joined TopCashBack for a specific offer which never appeared on my account. 2 months later I am still awaiting a resolution but am receiving regular and annoying emails I cannot disable. I am certainly not likely to utilise this service when there has been no action to date on my original transaction. When I have received my cashback I will terminate my account.

Thank you for your reply. After trying Topcashback I tried a similar offer elsewhere and have already banked the cheque. I have now managed to log into my account again and changed my email preferences thank you. I had to temporarily allow googleapis in my browser in order to log in.

Nearly 4 months since my original order and I am still awaiting any cashback.

Still no sign of my cashback. This is a disgraceful level of service. At no point was I informed how long this might take until after I had joined and even then there was little indication. If (like me) you take up an offer purely because it is cheaper with cashback, I would suggest you seek a bargain elsewhere. I bought a product which I knew was a little more expensive than it would be if I awaited an offer. The £20 cashback I'm waiting for could easily have been gained by waiting a few weeks for the original price to drop by around £15. In hindsight this would have been much better than continually checking TopCashBack to see if they have credited my account. When (If) I do get my cash back, it won't even be cash, rather it will be vouchers or paypal balance which costs 4.06% to remove to my bank. TopCashBack is a great idea in principle but in reality is most definitely not worth the hassle.

1st October 2012
Finally got my cashback. 5-6 months of hassle for £21. Was it worth it?

20 June 2012

Reply from Topcashback

Hi djr,

I am sorry that your first purchase initially failed to track, but I hope that you lodged a Missing Cashback Claim to enable us to investigate this with the merchant.

You are able to change your email preferences in the 'Email Preferences' tab of the My Profile section of your account.

I hope that we can resolve your missing transaction for you soon.

Top Cashback Support

Glasses Direct

No quibble returns policy - Outstanding service

I have an admission to make. I completely messed up my original order by entering a + prescription for long-sighted specs rather than a - prescription for myopia, though in my defense the prescription given to me by my previous optician wasn't clear.

Following initial delivery in around 10 working days I contacted the support team who issued me a return form (postage free) with no quibbles or blame.

I now have my new specs with correct prescription and once again delivered promptly and with courtesy emails all the way.

I couldn't be happier with this service and have already sung their praises to all and sundry.

My mother just paid £200 for a single pair of specs. I've told her to get her full prescription details from her optician and suggested that next time she should use Glasses Direct, particularly the frame trial which will alleviate any design/fitting concerns before ordering.

Thank you so much Glasses Direct.

crubers ltd

Very hit and miss and occasionally awful.

Frequently out of stock, website almost never updated and if you experience any problems, customer service on occasion can be absolutely disgraceful. Generally the service is okay but god help you if you experience an incorrect delivery or need to return an item. On contact this sole trader gave the worst customer experience I have ever had. Rude, obnoxious and didn't care.

17th April 2012.
Oh what a surprise, this seller doesn't like my bad review!
I'm afraid this seller clearly has no idea who I am as the description below bears no relation to my order history. Clearly I am not the only unhappy ex-customer. I was a regular customer for a few years and no I did not ask to return an item. I actually had a relatively minor problem with an order which I notified the seller about. I received no reply to my first 2 or 3 emails so I then sent a further email stating my dissatisfaction. The reply I then received was rude, obnoxious and more. I had already decided not to use this seller again and yes I have found a much better provider thank you.

17th April 2012 continued.
I see you have deleted your previous comments.

This is a review site designed for customer feedback and you can not deny I am a genuine ex-customer. If you truly believe I have been slanderous then by all means begin legal proceedings, I'm sure a court writ would obtain my details from Trustpilot. I am not hiding, I am taking part in a customer review website and your attitude is precisely why customer reviews are necessary.

You had ample opportunity to retain my custom. As I said, I had a minor problem with an order and I informed you of this. I expected a courteous response, whether in my favour or not. What is unreasonable about that? Unfortunately you ignored my emails. How would you deal with a supplier who ignored your emails? You only responded to me when I expressed my dissatisfaction and you responded aggressively. It was you who blew this 'small complaint' out of proportion.

Potential customers will form their own opinion but your response to this review says it all. Don't annoy this supplier or he will refuse to deal with you. "1 or 2 wing nuts per month" seems quite a lot to me but clearly you have pleanty of business so why worry about it?

17 April 2012

Reply from Roll Ups

So maybe i have 1 or 2 wing nuts per month who have a small complaint, who hide behind the net for security , when if you say you had only a small complaint why the big scene, why not simple return it for a refund, ???
If i had a shop would you call in to complain and not bring the time with you, i cannot magically get products back unless you post them, failing that I'm stuffed and so are you, its common sense.
And yes i do have a few undesirable customers that i won't serve again, complaints where the moon
I also not you don't mention the nature of your complaint just this slanderous review that quite frankly most people will see it for what it is, AND NO IM NOT UPSET I'm too tough! and ANY MEDIA GOOD OR BAD IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS
the moon a stick is not one of my specialities cheap rolling papers and tips is, ,its simple you order if not happy send it back, nothing i can do if you don't ! lol

First class service

Everything as expected, what more could I ask.

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I believe in customer service principles and have always adhered to them in my working life and therefore expect them from others.

I believe a site like Trustpilot is an essential part of the modern consumer world and would encourage everyone to contribute.

I am honest in my appraisals and realistic in my expectations.