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Extremely unhelpful

Having come to the end of a mobile phone contract, I've asked for the phone to be unlocked but Orange won't, claiming I have to go to the shop I purchased the phone from in the first place. The phone is locked to Orange and only Orange can unlock it but they're finding every excuse under the sun to prevent me using the product I've paid for. Quite unacceptable.

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Furniture At Work™ (Furniture@Work Ltd)


Probably the wrong person to ask for a review given my experience! The 5-10 days for delivery turned into two full weeks and then problems really started. Unable to get a rough delivery time (am or pm would have done), I took the day off work to wait for the desk I'd ordered. At 5.30pm I received a phone call to say the driver had "had a few problems" and couldn't make the delivery. Delivery was promised the following day. Nothing arrived the following day and by the third day I had a delivery van trying to make a collection rather than a delivery. After alot of phone calls I did eventually get my goods late in the evening of the third day off work "as a favour".

The desk was fine and of good quality but I won't be buying from Furniture@work again as the delivery was quite unacceptable.

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