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Appalling customer service. Martha Lane Fox must be mortified!

I wanted to arrange a multiple destination (and quite costly) trip to the USA at fairly short notice, as my son was interested in finding out about US universities. I had pretty much worked out what flights and train journeys we needed to book but thought I'd just call to check if a discount would be available in recognition of the number of flights involved. I never got a straight answer to that question and that's when the real nightmare began. When I received confirmation of the flight details I noticed one of the flights was booked for the wrong time and we would miss our appointment. When I called them they said they would need to check the recording of the call, which they would do very carefully. I thought that was fair enough and was confident that everything would be sorted out, as I knew I had been totally clear about the timings. Then they told me it would take several days for them to get back to me with their findings, which meant the flight might become full in the meantime or the ticket price would increase. They said they quite understood my concern and would be prepared to change the flight to the correct time, provided I paid a change fee in advance of of £150 which would be refunded if I was vindicated by the call recording. I reluctantly agreed, then they later called to say this would apply PER PERSON! I tried to contact them several times afterwards but they never responded and never let me know the outcome of their investigation into the detail of the call. In fact I never heard from them again and an entire year has now passed. Their customer service is appalling, completely lacking in any sensitivity and their behaviour borders on the criminal. Somehow I don't think this reflects the original vision and passion with which Martha Lane Fox established the company and I'm sure she would be mortified if she knew how they treat their customers today. I have used for the last time in my life.

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Appalling, unresponsive, non-existent servce

I wish I'd read these reviews before placing my first (and last!) order with this company for two ink cartridges. With no product and no contact to tell me what was happening I ended up called them three times.

Their call centre is so noisy you can hardly hear anything. The first time they said they were arranging for another supplier to provide the product because they didn't have it in stock. It would have been helpful to know that before I had to call in. Following another couple of weeks and another unanswered email, I was told in a second call that the reason I still had no product was that the third party supplier had failed to respond (could they not have tried a different one?) but they would definitely get in touch and call to update me - as if! In the third call they complained that they had been "dealing with a backlog of orders" and were experiencing "problems with our new systems".

After nearly seven weeks they finally agreed to give me a refund which I am still waiting with eager anticipation. Their upbeat website gives the impression of a company that will deliver - and quickly. My experience was nothing of the sort because they delivered nothing whatsoever. I've never had to wait that long for cartridges from anywhere else. What a complete waste of time and energy.

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09 July 2012

Reply from Printerinks

We do regret the difficulty you have faced with the order. This is to confirm that a refund has been processed back to your the card it was paid with. We did face a temporary technical problem on our move to a new system and apologise for the inconvenience caused. Please feel free to contact us on 08000431001 for any further queries.

Excellent bespoke service

I knew what I wanted to achieve but wasn't sure about which equipment would help me get there and enable me to strike the right balance between cost and quality.

The MicStore gave me the in-depth, honest advice and guidance I needed to make an informed decision. They were really helpful and their response was always lightening fast. I will always go them first in the future and would recommend them to others without hesitation.

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