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They have too much flash bandwith stealing #####

Their email page has way too much flash which is just bandwidth stealing and I can only imagine slows down the net with garbage clogging it up.

If they just used images or links to promote adds that would be ok….

Plus every time you check them out some old product has been scrapped. like yahoo 360 blog site & their free web site space…..



They advertise all the time, they breach the licensing rules. The side with the criminal Israeli war crime government all the time. If we got rid on this unfair license and forced the BBC into a fair playing field, they just might get better.

As I stands I despise this Zionist war mongering racist scum #####.


Their website times out all the time

There are times its impossible to access talktalks site and that also means the email page.

Apart from that they are ok


why track people

It Sinister, Intrusive and Unnecessary to spy on people who loyally use and enjoy using Google. The idea criminals are at the end of every key stroke is garbage. If anything Google are the criminals and should be arrested for allowing child porn to appear in searches.

I’ve seen during web searches words like preteen, underage, child porn. Yet there are no check buttons beside these searches so we the public can direct Google to remove these links they so blatantly advertise…

Worry more about not allowing the public the right to sensor your searches than spying on law abiding people.


too many people chancing the same thing?

As long as there are too many people chancing the same thing ,you will never get a bargain on ebay. I've been watching multiple canon ef 24 - 105mm lens and though some are years old and well used. They still sell for well over half their true value.

Too many people with too much money and too little brains are not comparing the full price for this lens.... Hell you can buy it new from £640 all the way up to £840 and more.. Yet people will still buy a USED lens for over £600. That’s not a bargain that’s stupid…

Then we have those people with hundreds if not thousands STAR RATINGS. These people to me are the worse, as I suspect these people are businesses who drive up the price with the intention of reselling in their stores. This prevents anyone getting a bargain and as soon as you see these people bidding, its pointless bidding as they have too much money to go up against.

If eBay only allowed the public to bid it would be a better place too shop…

Mr Memory

worth the money

it arrived faster than expected & slotted in without having to mess around with the bios, in order to recognise the larger memorie.

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