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Poor customer service

I would never reccomend lufthansa! their agreement with expedia is very blurry and not clear and if anything goes wrong with the booking the play the 'blame game' and the only person who ends up paying more is the customer!

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Terrible customer service!

Today I was denied to board on the flight I had bought through because my surname had been saved only in half on the booking. I rang expedia customer service and I was told that it was up to the flight company (lufthansa) to change it. I went to speak with the company and they told me it was expedia. After 50 minutes of this ping-pong match, expedia told me that they could not do the change because they had to change 4 letters: had it been 3, they could have done it! the only thing they proposed me was to buy another flight with them! of course, I didn't and when I rang again the customer service to ask for a refund, they answered that it was the responsiblity of lufthansa to change my name: basically they could have done it but no one was bothered and they just played the blame game! I will never book with expedia again since they do not have a policy to protect their customers!

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