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Great Customer Support and Very Helpful!!

After receiving a strange call a few days ago about a loan I supposedly applied for I received an email from CashNetUsa about a loan application they received in my name. I went to the site to investigate it and found where someone created an account with my information and I contacted customer service right away. They were very polite and quick to reply. They gave me all the information about when the account was created and when loan applications were received in my name and then as soon as I explained the situation they instantly stopped everything and forwarded the account to the fraud department. If they wouldn't have been so helpful me and my family could've lost what little bit of stuff that we still have. Recently there has been someone stealing money from my bank account and and getting loans in my name and this has caused me and my family (wife and 5 children) to lose our automobile as furniture so I have been working hard to get us back on our feet and without them being so prompt this couldve added to the pain and hardship. There is another company that someone applied for a loan with in my name too and I have been trying to contact them for 4 days and still no answer or returned call so this kind of customer service team is greatly appreciated. Thank You!

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Blytheville, United Kingdom