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Probably not the best media companies out there at the present time. I’ve only just changed from Sky and they seem a little bit dated with their package compared to their competition. I think if they were to offer a good price deal compared to other companies they would do much better. They also need to look after their existing clients a lot more than they do.

John Lewis

John Lewis

John Lewis is a brilliant company offering great products at an affordable price. I bought a kitchen from them last year and it is very well put together stylist and affordable. Of course it’s a little bit more expensive than Ikea but not by much. Also all their kitchen equipment is top quality, expensive but if you want something good that will last you a lifetime by the best you can.


Love film

This is a great website if you love films. I recommend this site to everyone as it’s just so good. HMV, Blockbusters, Universal and all those large production houses should have also set themselves up like Love Film. They’ve made a big mistake by not following the trend of the download…DVD’s are a thing of the past I’m afraid.

Love Film you’ve got a great business model


Easy Jet (Not so easy)

Probably the worse experience of flying I’ve ever had! To sum up; Expensive, Bad service, Long queues and a company that portrays themselves as a budget airline. Easy Jet I wish it was easy, but in fact you’re quite ‘Difficult Jet’ who are you trying to kid!!

Snow And-rock

Snow and Rock

I spend a lot and time and money in this store. The product which I buy is top quality. They really provide brilliant mountain and climbing equipment. If you have any problems with the equipment they've supplied, they will send you a replacement free of charge to anywhere in the world. They are truly a great store one of the best!

Www Catinsurance a brilliant site!

This cat insurance site in incredible! I’ve used lots of go compare and’s over the year and they have always been long winded and difficult to use as comparison sites, not to mention those annoying phone calls you get from them when they try to sell you one of their other products. was very different. I just filled out the form and they did the rest, they were truly truly incredible!
I’ve got two cats and a dog, when my dogs renewal comes up I will definitely be contacting them to re-new my policy. Some people don’t bother to re-new their policy, take it from me make sure you re-new your policy yearly or you might find that you’re getting ripped off and being charged too much for your insurance.
I saved £98 by using

Brilliant Thanks


Ryan Air

Well Ryan Air is really bad, not quite as bad as Easy Jet but close!

My home is in Ireland and I fly back quite often to see my friend and family. I have used Ryan Air on a number of occasions and it's been incredibly bad.
I flew home last week and the flight was severely delayed for no reason really. I did challenge the delay as the plane was over 8 hours late. All they could say was the plane that we were due to get on had been delayed in Ireland and we would have to wait for the plane to arrive. Absolute nightmare! What a waste of time and money that trip was, I’ll never fly Ryan Air again.


What a great site I us Moon-Pig as it's really got me out of a lot trouble when I forgotten to send a card to my family!

It was my sister’s birthday the other day and I completely forgot and Moon-Pig saved the day.

I'm sure I'm not alone on this, it's so easy to lose track of everyone’s birthday especially when you're busy. I'm just so glad that there are companies like Moon-Pig to help you out and get the card to its destination on time.

Thanks Moon-Pig



I’ve just switched to virgin mobile and I’ve had a lot of problems. Switching wasn’t that easy and the service which I get around the UK isn’t that good for a start. The customer service is awful, and it’s not that cheap. I so wish I stayed with the o2 network!

I don’t like being negative but I haven’t got anything positive to say about them unfortunately ,except they’ve got great marketing tactics which enticed me to use them!

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I am a writer for Time Magazine, I live in High Wycombe and I commute into London. I am married to Josh and I have two cats and an old dog called Sam. Hobbies are sky diving, skiing and mountaineering. I love the Alps and I try to spend as much time as I can there when I’m not working. I don’t like London much, but you have to do it don’t you!