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e-saver becomes e unavailable !!

I became a Santander customer via a takeover.
I was logged onto e-banking, moving money about no problem.

A pop up appeared about an e-saver account, offering good interest. So, I set up an account, nice and simple because I was an existing customer, or so I thought....

I was able to immediately transfer a considerable sum of money into it from my current account. So far so good.

A couple of weeks later, I needed some of the money back in my current account, so via e-banking, tried to send some back !! Computer says no, account blocked, advised to visit branch.

Visit branch (long queue), they can do nothing as its an e account, asked to call them. Call them, told to give the branch a copy of my statement so that they can fax it through to verify who I am. Another long queue to tell them that I do need to get them to fax of a copy of my statement. 45 minutes later, several phone calls and various fax numbers later, a very frazzled bank worker finally speaks to the right person who tells him to tell me that my account will soon be unblocked and that they will call me to tell me when.

No phone call, and in the meantime, I now go overdrawn. many more phone calls, and eventually I have any charges refunded and a small amount of compensation paid.

Its simply pathetic, they take your money without any issues, but wont give it back !! - thats theft in my books.

Just opened a Halifax account, took about 2 minutes, and will be closing my 2 Santander accounts as soon as I can get them to close them (thats a whole new story !!).

Their operational procedures are designed by idiots, and the poor customer facing staff have to try and deal with angry customers all day. The people I dealt with were great, but also expressed empathy with my situation and agreed that the process was "barmy".

Be aware.

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