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Does Not Hold Stock - Slow

Ordered set of books from The Book Depository for £70.

They did not ship them for well over a week and it was only when I enquired that they stated their supplier had not dispatched them... Not impressed, I'm sure the wording was something like "ready for immediate dispatch". It's clear that they don't hold stock but just order and ship it. Hardly a 'depository'.

The item did not turn up. They used Yodel as a courier (but apparently did not know this and claimed they used Royal Mail) and were not able to provide me with a shipping number to follow up. The only thing they could do was to offer a refund or to ship another set of books... Hardly good for a £70 set of books, how on Earth do they deal with fraud?

I got the impression (by email) that perhaps English wasn't the first language of the person I was speaking to... The emails seemed blunt without any air of 'customer service' to them (when compared to the customer service email I got from Yodel at least). I mean I don't want to be bullshitted but an apology when I finally did all the running round and located my lost parcel due to an error on the part of their courier would have been nice.

In summary, I wouldn't use these guys again. They weren't even the cheapest! I picked them because I needed to books fast and they appeared to have stock. What annoys me now is that I get bombarded with junk email from them...

Beyond Television

Great prices, more delivery options needed

Ordered an air cleaner from Beyond Television. They had the best price by far (£195 - most others were £210 with the brick and mortars wanting £500+).

Item arrived as expected in great condition - no damaged packing or anything like that. Their courier driver rang me up the night before to confirm delivery time too. I did call customer services about my order and was able to speak to a real person quite easily.

My only criticism is that they don't have many order dates - they seemingly don't deliver everyday, only certain day so you have to pick from (in my case) Mondays or Fridays - I assume this when their courier delivers in my city. The closest date available from order was about 7 days. I was happy with this so didn't delve any deeper but a next-day courier option would be nice.


Cheap and cheerful but good

Recently took two flights with bmibaby. In general I had no problems - I got on the planes and they took me to where I had to go. For the journeys I took, bmibaby was the cheapest going.

The purchasing phase was a little convoluted and I noticed a few things I was not happy with - 1) like many budget airlines, you have to pay for anything - it's kind of like the bread in Italian restaurants - if you eat it, you gotta pay! In the case of bmibaby, the site asked you to pick a seat and then proceeded to bill you for it! It wasn't obviously that you could simply bypass picking a seat and not pay. 2) I found the online check-in/data provision stage OK *but* it wasn't clear the process needed to be completed twice, for both inward and outward bound flights. I also found the website to be quite slow (waits between each stage).

The flight itself was simple - very quick turn around - despite a late departure, we still arrived at the destination early! Very basic - kind of like easyJet but without all the corporate branding - just basic blue leather seats and simple branded aircraft. I like the fact that seats are assigned to passengers so there is no 'scramble' for the best seats like other budget airlines. Service was good although I don't think I would pay £4 for one of the 'hot' meals - looked suspiciously like a microwave meal!

Protect your bubble

Quick, convienient and simple - insurance for the modern age

I signed up for insurance using the website on my new iPad. It probably took me about two minutes, very convenient - I was sat doing it in the pub whilst chatting to friends. The fact that I could pay with PayPal meant I didn't even need to take my wallet out of my pocket (not an easy thing to do whilst sitting down).

As ever, you have to read the small print to ensure you have the right cover (as you cannot ask questions as such) but I liked the fact that policies such as the anti-fraud policy were very clearly spelt out in the documents sent out via email.

I would still like insurance sites to somehow display things which are covered in a little more detail in some intuitive format - perhaps some 'e.g's'.

In summary, easy experience although I can't speak for much more than the sign up process as I have thankfully not had the need to claim.

11 April 2012

Reply from Protect your bubble

Dear Aaron,

Thank you for reviewing Protect your bubble.
Good to hear you were happy with the quick and easy setup process and level of cover we could offer. Your feedback is appreciated.

Kind Regards

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