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Naked Wines

Great Wine, flexible delivery and good customer service

I have just cancelled my Angel account, but only because I only manage about 3 bottles a year max, ending up giving away the rest. But I should however say that I have in the nearly-2 years that I have been a subscribing angel, never had an issue with the service or orders I placed. I also got through to customer services fairly quickly whenever I phoned, had delivery on scheduled dates, and their wines are definitely good - just read their reviews.

Yes it will appear a bit odd that you won't find wine reviews anywhere else other than on their site, but that's not how NW operates - see their website and also look elsewhere for articles about how they work. They have direct relationships with winemakers and support the wine industry in a progressive and unique way, instead of just being another generic reselling store-front.

NW your way of doing business is refreshing, and once I have managed to make my way through half of the last order, I will subscribe again.

Scan Computers

They just know what customer service means

I have ordered from them lots of times, and here are the 5 reasons why:
1. They ALWAYS despatch and deliver on time (they use a courier which texts/emails you a 1-hour window in which they will deliver on the day)
2. When they say it's in stock, it actually is.
3. Have only had to use their returns service once for a DOA and it was impeccable. Shipped replacement within a couple of days and used the same next-day delivery service as per normal orders.
4. Website very well designed
5. Simple check-out process and multiple payment options

Whenever I've compared their prices on a big spend I've mostly seen a few pennies/a pound difference between them and other suppliers I but pay that extra with a smile due to the above.


Horrific (prospective) customer service

Once they've taken your money and credit checked you, they can send you a text on the same day saying "we're not going to deliver on the date we said we would".

You can cancel the order, but it's not like they will refund you within their expected timeframes. I have 4 "escalated" requests with the "sales support" team - apparently the only team who can process refunds, and they have no phone numbers for them, cannot put you through to them.

Today marks the 19th day since cancelling an order as a prospective customer. And that's the duration they've had £220 of my money and have been taking their time to give it back. Totally not as per their support pages:

They say they will call you back but they don't and everyone you speak to will say "we are inundated by demand at present", or "there's nothing we can do for you except wait for the team to get back to you".

Z-Wave Products (UK)

Thanks for good service

Very reasonably priced in comparison to the few other dealers who stock the same kit. I will definitely order from them again. Sent them an email asking about stock levels (something they should add to their site), and they responded promptly that all was in stock. Ordered very late at night, and received the goods 2 days thereafter. Communication of order status was sent to me throughout.

Richer Sounds

Best priced-retailer and good service

I recently bought a Plasma from their Watford branch and had helpful advice from two of their employees on the floor. They were knowledgeable and friendly both in person and over the phone, and even though they didn't have the model I wanted in stock, they agreed to order it and then reserved it for me a further two days so that I could go and pick it up over a weekend. I was called to confirm the order is ready for collection as well. Their prices are very reasonable - I couldn't find the specified model anywhere else for less. So they would definitely get my recommendation to others, and I would definitely use them again.


BEWARE: Same company as We Are Electricals Ltd

I am busy going through a really nasty refund process with them after cancelling an order. Even if I hadn't cancelled the order, they would have not delivered it since the delivery date was yesterday.

I've done a WhoIs on both public domains and it is registered to the very same company. If I had known, I would never have handed over my money.

Their website is incredibly misleading - it indicates they have products in stock which they clearly don't have, and on top of that there's a phone number on it which makes you hold for a couple of minutes, and then just plays an automated message saying that the Customer Reps are all busy and to instead use their "Fast Contact" option on their website. There's nothing fast about that contact method either. They have taken 4 working days to return my first request for a refund.

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