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Overseas call centres most times I've had to call them for broadband problems. Generally the service itself is fairly reliable, but if you have a problem, prepare to explain it to several people several times. Also prepare yourself to count to 10 each time you're asked the most basic of questions about things you "could try" to resolve it.


OK Service, rip-off prices

Pretty much says it all really.....frustrating that it seems to be impossible anymore to simply buy a ticket for an event with greasing the palm of companies like these....but at least they're usually reliable unlike several others.

Groupon UK

Sometimes good

I've had a few good buys via Groupon, and on the few occasions I've had a problem, they've been quite responsive. Too often though, you see "bargains" in their daily offer, that you can find just as cheaply elsewhere.

13 April 2012

Reply from Groupon UK

Hi Charlie, we thoroughly appreciate your feedback and we'll certainly pass on this information to our Partners. Thanks, Groupon UK

Generally pretty good

I haven't used late rooms so much recently, but each time I have, it's usually worked out pretty well - decent value hotels, usually for quite a bit less than standard rate.


Great company

Click & Collect service in particular is just brilliant - with so many unreliable sites around, it's lovely to have one that just works.


Top marks

Just ideal for someone who hates going to the shops - in terms of buying online, Amazon just keeps on getting it right.


Can't complain

With only a few notable exceptions, I've always had great service from Vodafone. They don't always get everything right first time, but in my experience they're very good at putting things right on the few occasions when they slip up.



Actually, the website's pretty good, but for some reason I almost NEVER get what I've asked for when I get to the train (quiet carriage, facing forward, table seat? Pot luck!).....also, very inflexible if you need to change your travel plans. On a few occasions I've been early enough to catch an earlier train - go to the ticket office and invariably it's "buy another ticket".....fair enough when it's a peak time train, but with no allowance made for the ticket I already paid for? Seems unfair.


Better than most

Good website layout, easy to find what I was looking for, although light on detail in a few cases. But generally pretty good, and prices seem competitive.


Pretty good

I bought a fridge freezer via Currys website, delivered by Knowhow.....exactly on the day and well within the time they'd said. No fuss, they took my old one away, put the new one in place, and had a chat about making sure I left it for long enough for the gases to settle after being in transit. Courteous and professional - maybe I really AM just lucky!


Top marks

For everything really - design, build quality, and customer care that truly is second to none. Couple years back I had a problem with my dyson. Because I live near their UK HQ, I took it in to them. A few days later they called me to collect it, and the engineer who'd worked on it came out to reception to show me what he'd done....which was pretty much a complete refurb. Although it was out of warranty, he said they could tell all the the problems were reasonable wear & tear, so they didn't even charge me! Fantastic.

Samuel Windsor

Consistently good

Excellent online offers on quality shoes and clothes. Easy to deal with, very responsive and quick delivery.



That's all, just brilliant really!


Fantastic News Site

Brilliant journalism, good mix of light-hearted and serious news items. Well worth the subscription (and cheaper and more 'green' than buying a daily paper).


Credit where it's due

Another company that a lot of people seem to have a problem with, but I've had no trouble with them. I hate to shop, so use Amazon, eBay, etc. a LOT (wonderful Amazon), and they seem to use DPD with most of my purchases.
I have to say they've been consistently reliable in my experience, so credit where it's due.

12 April 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch Charlie; glad you've enjoyed the service :)

Is there anything we could do to get that up to a 5 star rating? We'd appreciate your feedback if you think there's anything we can do to improve.



Not so bad as I'd feared

Reading some reviews here, I thought I was in for major problem when a delivery advice told me it would be delivered by Yodel. Seems like no-one has a good word to say about them, and when the online tracking service showed my parcel as "in depot" for over 24 hours, I feared the worst......but that was Good Friday (public holiday), and on the saturday at about 10am, the Yodel man arrived, perfectly courteously to deliver my parcel. So I can't grumble at all.

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I must be lucky!

I'm posting here because I can't quite believe how many negative reviews there are. I know that Specsavers is largely a franchise operation, so there will be some inconsistency, but I've always found them to be "pretty good" at least. Just recently though, they've gone way beyond that. I had an entirely positive experience when I went for my last sight test - friendly, professional and thorough. When I went back a few days later, my new specs were waiting for me and fitted perfectly....they were even thorough with making sure that was all OK too. My branch is Chippenham in Wiltshire; like I say, there's probably some variation across different branches, but I can't praise them highly enough.


Great company

Both in the store and home delivery service have always been great in my experience. Good quality, decent prices and excellent customer service.

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