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ChatandVision Ltd.

No stock and 3 week wait for refund

This company appears to indulge in one of my biggest gripes in on line ordering :- taking an order and quoting a delivery time but not actually having the stock, but of course still instantly taking the money.
I've detailed my experience below but the long and short of it is if your priority is low price and you don't mind waiting (while they hold your money) if may be worth a punt, but if you need an item within 2-3 weeks they are best avoided.

The quoted delivery time time was 3-10 days but after not recieving any email of notice of dispatch after 7 days I checked the tracking and found my order staus was "order pending refund"
I queried this by email asking what this meant and also saying I needed this camera for a holiday and if they couldn't honour the qouted delivery timetable then I would have to cancel....I got no reply.
I then rang, which can take a while to get through, and was told that they had cancelled the order on the basis of my email and that they didn't have any stock anyway. I was told to expect a refund.
The website was still showing the camera in stock and the price had actually gone down.
The good news is that 21 days after placing the order I did get a refund but it took 3 phone calls and 3 emails and no explanation. They couldn't explain why it took "accounts" so long to refund while the payment was taken instantly.
They are cheap, they have a lot of good reviews so some items must be in stock, but for me it was a hassle

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