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Was apprehensive when some online retailers used Yodel to deliver my products due to bad reports , but so far so good !

I have had a few deliveries from Yodel . Using Trustpilot to gauge relative customer satisfaction from Yodel , I was very apprehensive of what service I could expect . On all the deliveries they have delivered as expected . I like the texts that they send to let you know that your product is on the way . On par with most other delivery companies that I have dealt with . I hope more people that has had a positive experience with Yodel write a review here . It's probably human nature to complain only when something goes wrong .

Great service , but compare exchange rate

The website and the tools they give you to make a money transfer is excellent . The money arrived in my bank account in South Africa without any incident . With a service charge of £5 you would imagine that they are really competitive ; however I recently compared the exchange rate they give with my previous service provider and my old provider was able to give me roughly £10 more worth of Rands on exchange rate , so investigate who offers you the best value for money . If the services was only based on ease of use and dependability alone , it would have received a five star rating .


Great service and pizza - Leyton(London) Branch

We were skeptical about trying Dominos as we always have been using Pizza Hut , but since Dominos were running a special offer we decided to try them by making an online purchase .

The process of using their online payment system was very easy to use and the ordering process was really easy . We received our pizza within half an hour and it was the best pizza we have had for a long time . We had a New Yorker & an Extravaganza large pizza .

The only mishap of the night is that they brought us a normal coke instead of a diet coke as we had ordered .

With so many outlets I can believe that some are better than others and hope that every one of them can follow the example of service we have received from the Leyton branch .


All about good products , less about BS marketing

I found they had the products I wanted at the price and quality I was looking for without the excessive marketing other companies employ to help sell their products .

They do not provide measuring scoops with their Whey Concentrate powders (they do state this on their website) , which at the advertised price of 50 pence I think they may as well have provided with the larger >1kg Whey Protein Concentrates which is the only reason I found to subtract one star .

I will definitely be a returning customer .


Good Reliable Site

I have been using Trustpilot for a few months now and although it isn't perfect I do think it is a far better and bigger review site than most .

People rightly are sceptical about giving their personal details out via a Facebook login ; however this makes the authenticity of reviews far better for me . Yes , you could create a fake facebook account , but who would go through all that trouble when there are review sites out there that let's you leave anonymous reviews .

I am not a business owner yet , but I have found that there were some pretty unreasonable reviews on Trustpilot too , some which some companies perhaps haven't reported yet , but that I did . This helps to self regulate the site and keep the reviews more authentic .

Where I do think Trustpilot could improve is their categories section . I have many a time searched for a coach company under their travel categories , only to come up empty handed . What I was looking for was the highest rated coach company , not a specific name .

Companies who complain that Trustpilot is making money have double standards as I am sure that their aim is to make money too . The money they generate pays a few people's salaries and possibly keeps their employees from claiming on an already burdened benefit system amongst other things .

Keep up the good work

19 July 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Arthur,

Thanks for your positive review and your well-explained suggestions.

As Trustpilot grows the Categories section becomes more important. So in the near future, we will work on improving this part, so it becomes more useful. Nothing is decided so far, so we welcome all kind of feedback we get in this matter.

We are happy that you take your time to write detailed reviews and reporting unreasonable reviews. That's the best way to make Trustpilot more useful for other consumers.

Best regards,
Joakim Ditlev


Had good pervious experiences with KLM , but disappointed with recent encounter

I have flown with Dutch KLM on a previous flight and rated their service very high . Unfortunately due to events outside and inside their control I was less than impressed with their service at Heathrow Airport on 28 June 2012 .

It started off when we boarded the plane and got into our seats . We were told via a service announcement that they had technical problems with the flight computer and that they hoped to had the problem fixed within an half an hour . After 20 minutes we were informed that they couldn't repair the technical issue they experienced and that we would have to go to the KLM ticket desk to get our tickets re booked for another flight .

We understand that these issues might sometimes arise and that to make alternative arrangements for them requires allot of skill and patience from understandably irate customers . The queue was long and at some stage we timed that 1 customer was helped every half and hour per customer to re book their tickets . We understand too that businesses during these trying times need to cut costs and therefore one has to anticipate that some KLM service desks would be empty . However in such situations it is perhaps a good solution to get some management staff involved in re booking customers to help along customers faster . We had an elderly lady in the queue and after an hour I had to approach some of the KLM staff to ask them if they could provide her with seating . They were brilliant in responding and even took the initiative to offer all the people queuing water . One wonders just why somebody had to mention it to them in the first place that there are people in the queue which aren't able to stand for as long periods as some of the younger passengers .

The poor KLM person who ended up helping us at the booking desk and had to face allot of angry customers were very helpful and we are glad they receive such good training .

I hope to add a few stars to my impression of them in future .


Minor niggles to an otherwise good flight

We were supposed to start our journey at 6:30am on June 28th 2012 via Dutch KLM . It so happened Dutch KLM experienced had problems with the plane and we were re-booked for a direct flight with BA the same day at approximately 17:30 the afternoon .

I am an avid amateur videographer and so to make the best of a bad situation I wanted to take some video footage from Heathrow Terminal 5 from where we departed . I came to a place on the terminal where I wanted to film a suitcase going onto the weigh-in conveyor belt . It was then that a lady of the BA member of staff approached asking me to stop filming and delete the footage of the video I have taken . As it is a public place I questioned why she required me to stop taking video footage and invited her to look at the footage that I have been taking . The footage was just of a suitcase rolling on a conveyor belt with no people of members of staff in the footage and no personal identifying properties to the suitcase either .

She explained to me that BA staff had a right not to be filmed and that if I didn't delete the footage that she could get a member of security to come and explain it to me in a very threatening demeanor . I explained to her that as I wasn't filming BA staff and I have invited her to look at the footage and therefore didn't understand her concerns and that she was welcome to get to security to explain the concerns to me . The security personnel did arrive on the scene and after explaining to him why I do not understand her concerns he gave me a very valid security reason for not filming the footage that I wanted which was totally different from the way the BA staff lady explained to me . I therefore deleted the footage that the security personnel asked me to and invited him to have a look at other video footage that he might have thought was inappropriate . Even the security personnel asked the BA staff lady to have a look at the footage , to which she declined to .

I understand that terrorism is a real threat which need to be treated with a high level of security and after the security personnel did explain to me in a reasonable way why I couldn't film certain parts I understood the reasoning .

Where I think things could have gone better is if the BA staff lady was trained to explain in a professional and non confrontational manner what the concerns to security was . It came across that she was implying that if I don;t stop what I was doing , that she was going to put security on me like you would a dog on a robber . One expects a BA staff lady to have more customer relationship skills than the airport security staff and had she explained the concerns as well as he did , the situation would not have escalated to security level . Airport security have more important scenarios to attend to after all . Smart phones these days are almost all capable of taking video footage in a much more clandestine manner . Openly taking video footage on a tripod should have maybe let her think that this might have been a misdirected customer and should have changed her approach .

The flight itself was on time . However once we were on the runway almost about to lift-off we got an in flight announcement from the pilot informing us that the wrong cargo was loaded onto the plane and that the plane needed to return to Terminal 5 so that the cargo could be removed . This delayed the flight about an hour in total .

The rest of the flight was enjoyable and the aircrew was great .

Hopefully future encounters with BA will be better .

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A Company That Is Going Through Growing Pains

I have been with Three Mobile for the past 3 years (no pun intended) . What attracted me to their offering was their competitive pricing .

Their network coverage is great in big cities and they cannot be faulted on that ; however , there has been times when I visited smaller towns when I had little to no network coverage . This wouldn't have been such a problem if no-one else had no reception , but in this case I had someone with the same mobile phone and a different network provider who had full signal strength on his mobile phone .

They have since invested in their infrastructure in a bid to broaden their network coverage so I cannot comment if the above mentioned problem has been solved or not , as it has been a while since a visited a small town or village .

They marketed themselves as a company who specializes in 'mobile broadband' with free Skype services being sold as part of their package , unfortunately even on a high connection speed mobile phone with a full coverage strength from Three , I was less than impressed with the call quality on Skype . On my home broadband I have excellent Skype call quality . This issue might only be resolved when Three rolls out it's LTE broadband in the future , unfortunately they have prematurely created an expectation with the Skype bundling package , which they couldn't deliver on .

They do engage with their customers to try and gauge customer satisfaction , which is highly commendable . Their customer service , just as allot of other companies for cost cutting reasons , have exported their customer service center to an Asian country where the customer adviser tries to answer all your questions with a drilled in answer formula , which Three hopes will cover all the questions you have , unfortunately they lack good listening skills which results in answers been given that isn't relevant to your question .

My contract with Three is up for renewal soon and unfortunately they have repaid my loyalty with giving new subscribers to their services better deals than what they are offering me , so I will look hard elsewhere for better deals when the time arrives .

I think Three is on the right path , but being the mobile entrepreneur that I am not , I would say they have made some bad choices along the way , but are trying to improve . Not much different from myself .

Update : 21 July 2013

I had to give Three another star as we had moved to a new house only to find out that I couldn't receive or make calls or use the broadband on my phone after checking that the coverage would be fine in the area . I called three technical support and they ran through some diagnostic tests to make sure that it wasn't my phone settings that effected the phone signal . I was impressed with the fact that every time I had called they had made notes on their system so I didn't have to repeat myself . The technical team were always polite and was reliable when they had made promises and within two days I was able to make and receive calls as well as being able to use my phone broadband again . Great work Three !


Great experience , but need to keep on top of their innovation game

I started using facebook in 2008 . The thought of sharing photos , videos and ideas appealed to me since I moved abroad and wanted to keep in touch with my family and friends and since it also made them part of my experiences
(well those who are interested anyway) .

Since the start of facebook a few years ago , they have improved the functionality and usability of their services through innovative thinking and whilst it is great to have been the at the top of breaking new ground one wonders how much longer the company will be able to break such new ground in the future . With the growing size the company has probably lost some maneuverability when it comes to rolling out new ideas and now that facebook wants to be listed as a public company one wonders when the ideas of big stake holders will ultimately overtake that of the founder in his vision of keeping facebook a free to use service .


Overall a great place to shop

We prefer shopping at Tesco Leytonstone to ASDA Leyton and find their service great . They have been improving in their customer care on shop floor level and staff are always at hand to help . What could be improved is either their stock level management or their merchandising of stored stock . I know that out of stock issues do arise from time to time . It is especially disappointing when these out of stock issues arise on Tesco branded products . Their merchandising of products usually starts at night which is great , because it allows the least amount of disruptions to occur to customers' shopping experience ; however , it seems that once the product has run out during the day , no efforts are being made to replace stock that has recently run out . They probably know this already and do not have to be told , but you cannot sell a product which isn't on the shelf . Asking a member of staff if they have stock at the back is also an option , but if said staff returns without the product from the store room , you are always left with the thought that the staff member might not have properly looked for the product , because once they go through those doors to the storage space , you cannot determine their actions even if the staff member has thoroughly done their job .


Good Service

I have been a customer of Virgin media for a year now and find their online billing system good and their service delivery great . Where they could improve is doing away with the 0845 numbers you have to phone when calling in customer care . Yes there are also means of contacting them via e-mail and other online methods , but calling a customer care line number should always be toll free or at the very least a standard landline number , hence my detraction of one star .


A long service record of excellent buyers experience

I have been buying products from Amazon for the last three years and can honestly say they have never let me down on product service delivery . After care services are excellent .

Excellent First Purchase

The order was processed and delivered as expected . Very good

24 April 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for taking the time to leave this positive review.

I am glad to hear your first order was as good as expected and hope this continues into the future.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

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