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Trustworthy website and products

They have a very good online store. Simple and easy to browse. I rate it 5 star.


Most accurate rating system so far.

Unlike MyWOT, their rating system is reliable so far. I installed their add-on to my browser and it's working very smooth and light. It doesn't bother you with pop-ups etc. I didn't see any biased rating so far.


Useful Travel Website

Very good to get some real reviews about hotels. The reviews saved my trip quite a few times.


One of the best places to shop online

I purchased a few items from Amazon and received them without any hassle. So far so good.


Best online banking ever!

We love working with Paypal so far. Easy to send and receive money from anywhere to anyone. However, their dispute system needs to be improved.


Unfair System. Our legitimate business with 3 years tremendous records turned to untrustworthy within 24 hours !

WOT claims that they are out to protect people from Internet fraud and scams. However, this is only their claim and below is a description of the terrible experience we had with them:-

We run an online business, a legitimate online business doing video production for companies and businesses. Nothing of the sort that will offend anyone nor be categorized as FRAUD or SPAM. We have many returning clients and received similar recognition on the quality of our works on the Internet.

We had WOT installed and we checked it from time to time to ensure everything was going well. Just a week ago, we found out that our site is flagged RED (considered as having low reputation) out of nowhere. One of our staff left a comment on WOT forum and suddenly, we received a comment on our Score Board from one Platinum user claiming that our site had privacy issues, we were Spammers and our website had ethical issues. He provided some links to justify his claims. One link led to a third party website which detects malware, spam or suspicious stuff on websites. Surprisingly, the link that the user provided showed that our site is clean!

We found many similar comments with links posted regarding other websites and much to our horror, most of these sites are legitimate like us!

Just one comment from our staff on the forum (the comment was subsequently hidden by moderator) and out of a sudden, one user dropped a comment on our Score Board and our site was declared as having bad reputation. The worst thing is, our account was banned without any warning.

So we made another account to communicate with the user who left the comment on our Score Board. The user copy pasted the same comment in our Score Board in his reply. We contacted WOT team and the person who replied us through the support form was one of the co-founders, further proving that the company is small and there is no way that they could monitor any suspicious activity going on their website.

Within 24 hours, our Score Board was literally spammed by some users who know nothing about what we do. The only reason that they rated our business badly was because one of our staff posted one comment on their forum. They even added an extra rating on Child Safety on our Score Board and the rating was going lower and lower. We're not running a porn site and we do not even feature anything not suitable for kids on our site! In fact, there are many nice animations on our site which are suitable for children. Imagine a porn site having GOOD reputation on WOT, while a site which produces animation suitable for kids is being flagged RED and deemed not suitable for kids!

WOT team did not even verify whether the claim was based on real proof as long as the user who leaves a comment is a Platinum member and there was no way that they could investigate further into it nor remove the wrong rating.

This is another example of how people can easily do on a site like WOT:

To know that there are millions of WOT users out there is terrifying. What they have done to our site affects our site traffic and our potential clients might not know that the ratings on WOT is biased.

Do not trust WOT!

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