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You've just got to admire the brass neck

of a company that has lectured people about doing bad things like flying and carbon usage for years, regurgitates every pro global warming article with vigour, and then spends fortunes flying, or driving, their presenters from London, Scotland and wherever to Salford. And without a hint of shame. I've not taken them seriously for years because of their bias in every news report. Mind you the web site isn't bad...


Does the job for me , if only they'd sort out seating

We go to Spain 3 or 4 times a year and never use any other airline, if you book in advance, and at certain times of day and week,you can really get great deals, even allowing for the government's disgusting tax grab in the name of saving the planet (sic). I can understand why they don't reserve seating but hate the way they've changed from three to two boarding groups (those who pay for speedy boarding [ a rip off] or easyjetplus [an even bigger one] and those who want to stand in a queue for ages. It used to be better when they incentivised internet check in but like all good ideas they get canned for something worse,. They also exercise little or no control over hand baggage on board so you need to get on early to have a stab at an overhead locker. HOWEVER, that aside I don't think you can quibble at some of the prices , and generally good punctuality, providing you can book well in advance. Five years ago I'd never have considered Easyjet, now we hardly ever use anyone else.

Looking4Parking - Airport Parking

Very efficient, painless, service

I have used airport valet parking before and, whilst I've never had any of the problems reported on watchdog, have recently used other options. However on our recent trip out of Gatwick North I checked the options and the written reviews convince me to give HelpmePark a try. I have to say this surpassed my expectations, from the SMS text giving clear instructions on departure, and return, to the driver being waiting at drop off, doing a full inspection of car, and then coming out to find our car waiting, with less than 4 miles having been added to the clock since drop off. Very professional, convenient and economical service. Will definitely use again.

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