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Freestart plc

Sneaky 2 year contract for useless service

I was caught off guard by the cold caller who offered a discount on this product for £99, only if I paid there and then by credit card over the phone. I received the email and found the product to be very hard to use, it is extremely basic with minimal functionality, no stock control, no shopping basket, just paypal buttons, so you're dependant on paypal. I could not use it as I rely on stock control and I had no faith that I would get any business from it at this point, so why waste effort making a shop.

I punched myself in the face for being so stupid as to sign up to a service that I believed to be good just because a cold caller said it was. So I put it down to experience and vowed never to talk to a cold caller again. After having a go and giving up, I haven't used the product at all.

1 Year on I get a letter telling me that my registration is about to be renewed for £118. I phoned to cancel, but was told I can't because I signed up to a 2 year contract. Obviously I was not made aware of this, why would anyone sign up to 2 years when they just want to trial the product for the first time?

When I checked the terms and conditions, it says minimum 2 year contract. But I didn't even get the link to the terms and conditions (which is hidden away at the bottom of the welcome email) until after I had paid over the phone for the service.

This is obviously intended to catch people out. When I phoned up, I was rudely told that I had to pay else they would persue me for the money. They spoke to me like I was a numpty, not surprising because I must be a stupid to sign up to something like this.

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