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4 star service

I have to admit i have had problems with sky but if you look in the right place they get resolved quickly.
Customer services don't seem to know what they are talking about but if you go to the sky forums you get the best advice. My sky+HD box died, just would not work so i rang sky and was told i would have to pay a callout charge and the cost of a new box. total cost over £350 went on the forum and found that i pay the one off call out and that covers anything that needs fixing/replacing - i went almost 3 months without a TV, what really p**d me off was that i have the works with sky - all TV except sport channels, broadband and phone so pay about £1,500 a year ( and yes, even though i could not watch them i still paid for ALL channels in that 3 months)
Sky is great but they really need to train their customer services staff better.


5 star service

I have to admit that sainsburys could make the Own brands cheaper but what makes sainsburys is the staff, their knowledge, and friendly attitude.


whats the point.

i have to admit that i am bias against the BBC - i find it disgraceful that i am forced to buy a TV license to bankroll a station that, for many years, has not made anything i want to watch. I only watch sky these days - i admit i watch UK gold, (all the BBC repeats) i pay for that via sky and they show adverts. If i went to asda and paid £150 for my shopping they would not take it from me and put it back on the shelf once i have paid - With so many channels available to watch there should be an "opt out" option for people such as myself who are forced, by law, to "donate" vast sums of hard earned money to keep a company going who gives me nothing.


best information yet.

Thanks to this site i have managed to get a lot of valuable information which has saved me a fortune.
the biggest saving was getting my PPI back. i used the templates off the site and got back over £10,000 - and the money went to me NOT one of the PPI reclaim experts who charge 25%.
I always recommend this site when people want advice telling them to look on first


bargains galore

I have limited mobility so tend to rely on online shopping. until about 4 years ago i never looked on ebay but now my first port of call is ebay.
Have to admit you have to be careful - some people ask too much for the item then when you add P&P it works out cheaper to go to the shop to buy the item.
I have only had 2 bad experiences with ebay ( not bad when you look at the amount of purchases i have made) but they where resolved quickly by ebay. they did not put me off using ebay again.
Now my whole family go to ebay first.


well worth having an account

I would recommend using paypal to anyone ( infact already have on several occasions) the only issue i have is the stupid voice activated computer man who answers the phone. I needed to ask a question which was not covered by the FAQs or online so i rang customer services. I said something into the phone and the next thing i knew i was listening to waffle about spoof emails!!!!! Ironically i also received an email about spoof emails!!! Eventually i spoke to a real person who, within 1 minute, not only answered my question but also guided me through it. Very, very helpful.
I also bought something from ebay which was not as described and within 2 weeks the money i paid for the item was back into my account. They did all the legwork. All in all a great service well worth having to [protect my hard earned cash.

Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.

great service - very fast delivery

i have been trying to find some original source mint shampoo in town but nowhere sold it. On other sites they wanted nearly £3 a bottle plus P &P - very expensive - This was the cheapest site so i ordered 2 bottles. 2 days previously i had ordered other stuff from other sites so imagine how surprised i when the shampoo turned up 2 days prior to everything else, well packed so no damage to the bottles.
i will certainly use chemist direct again and recommend them to everyone.

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