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Nice sheds and nice prices but the delivery times are lies

I already have a Tiger shed as these are the only company that make the ones I like (overlap double tool shed.) The first one I ordered a couple of years ago is still going strong but I wanted another one 2ft wider. Both times they had 'Free Delivery 10 days*' highlighted which upon further reading reveals it means 10 working days and then disclaims it with a 'it might take longer or shorter' in the small print.

So the first time we had to chase them after 3 weeks before we finally got a delivery date. This time it took 7 days (5 working) before they even moved it onto the 'manufacturing - awaiting scheduling' phase and there it has stayed now for 13 days.

Now I don't mind waiting a month IF they tell me at the outset that it's a month. But to advertise 10 days when there is no effort on their part to achieve that is just nonsense. I've now found this out to my cost twice - so the first time was not a one off. Trading Standards should take a look at this.

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