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Very poor service, poor network. Total contempt for users.

I've recieved very poor service from GG.

Youtube and streaming videos never worked for me. I would always get either "Safari cannot download this file" or it would just time-out. Spoke to GG on several occasions who just gave copy & paste replies.

Then their network died. Cannot contact customer service. I had to buy another chip and load credit ... GG refuse to refund me for having to seek alternative service... their CEO and CTO are rude and do not give a shit what their customers think.

Many of their customers asked why they only had one data centre, and how they can be offline for an entire day (and patchy service the next day) because of a burst water pipe. I suspect it was all a lie. I work in data centres and I've never heard of a site being taken out due to burst water mains. Usually there are battery backups / generators etc.

Giffgaff did not respond to questions about their network design or redundancy. In fact they removed any post regarding it from their own forums.

Then they had the cheek to ignore customers and say oh we'll donate to charity. Not refund their users, but to donate to charity. Why? Because they can claim it as tax deduction.

Then of course, theres the "unlimited" data which they say is truly unlimited with no acceptable use limits. Not true, they terminate users using more than 2GB... without notice.

Terrible company, run on a shoe-string. Amateur.

Oh, and they have an army of employee's that like to troll forums when people post negative publicity about them, they flame or troll users saying either

"What do you expect from cheap-o network" or
"You have wrong idea of giffgaff / unlimited etc etc"

But tell me where it says I should expect poor service and apathy from the company in their T&Cs. If I pay for a service, and they don't deliver I expect a refund.... but you won't get one.


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