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Worst Customer Service Going From Infurn!!!!

I also bought the Groupon deal for the BigBoy Beanbag from Infurn in November 2011 and ordered it on 3 December 2011, last day to redeem. Was told the delivery time was up to 6 weeks, this would have been 14 January 2012 at the latest.

I got an email from Groupon on 24 January 2012 to say that there was a delay in delivery and would be no later than 17 February 2012. It also gave me £40 off another order (good job i did not take them up on that like some other unfortunate people I have read about). I waited for this to come but still nothing.

I emailed Infurn on 18 February 2012 regarding the order not being delivered as promised by the original deal or by Groupon's email. I got a surprisingly quick response on 21 February 2012 stating that due to high demand that they had delays but were working flat out to dispatch my order. It went on to say that my order had actually been dispatched to the shipping company in Germany (no name given) on 27 January 2012 and once it was in the UK it would be delivered by FedEx or DHL. Once that happened the shipping reference number would change to a tracking number.

I have since emailed Infurn regarding the progress of my order and asking about a possible refund on both 8 March 2012, 26 March 2012, 10 April 2012 and today, but I have still to get a reply to any of these requests.

So I tried to see if they were ignoring the emails and having the telephone off the hook intentionally by emailing them through someone else email address regarding a possible order for a beanbag on 10 April 2012 at 12:40 and I received a response the same day at 13:47 stating that they had these items available for faster delivery, I should expect them within 4 weeks and that they also had them on special should I want to order one and shared this link:
(Do not be fooled by this crock that they gave me as you will be in the same boat as the rest of us)

That just proved that it to me. Since I have been in touch with a local solicitor that deals with these type of issues and I am going for a meeting with them next week to discuss my options and how to take things further.
I also would love to get onto Dominic Littlewood to chase down the two directors of the parent company of Designfurn Limited and get a reason to all this. All the information on them that I can get is as follows:

Designfurn Limited, wholly owned by Infurn Holdings PLC

Infurn Holdings PLC - Directors
Dennis Hoffman, Address - Hufeisen 24, Klenmachnow.
Ingo Eigner - Address - Kollwitzstrasse 19, Berlin, Germany

Infurn Holdings PLC - Company Secretary
Michael Curle, Address - 72 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 8AU (Same address as the company's registered office)

Infurn Holdings PLC - Shareholding
No details yet, but Companies House is looking to strike off the company due to the annual return not being submitted.

Designfurn Limited - Director
Andreas Jenk, Address - 605 Antonine Heights, City Walk, London, SE1 3DF

Designfurn Limited - Company Secretary
STM Nominee Secretaries Limited, Address - 1a Pope Street, London SE1 3PR (Same as registered office) (Probably just the allocated one from incorporation)

All this information can be found on Companies House website but I thought I would share it with you to make it easier :)

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