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Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.

A very solid company with slight quirks

I have used Chemist Direct perhaps 5 or 6 times, always saving up an order to save on postage. I use them for household medicines, fish foods/water treatments, and for the occasional really low offers on pretty much anything.

Overall while the savings are sometimes exaggerated by comparisons to an irrelevant benchmark, you WILLl get low prices, on hard to find goods, and available in large quantities.

For delivery they have never missed an order, or in fact substituted anything so their stocks and systems mst be good. One irritation is that they prefer to wait for stocks to come before despatch so on occasions I have had to wait a number of weks for delivery. I do buy some odd stuff though, so with CD I basically order 2 weeks before I run out for this reason.

I was also glad to see they are doing some customer loyalty and seasonal offers, so the company is probaby improving slightly for me rather than falling apart, which others are doing ihn the recession.

This is a solid company, a good choice if you accept the few quirks above.


I see Trustpilot are still running an awful pay-to-win system

Yet again Trustpilot are skewing the rules in favour of a client, this time themselves

It's pretty obvious that the majority favourable opinions of trustpilot are trivial and generic factors any company could do on the internet - it works, its computerised, and it's easy These are the hygienic factors of any website except the absolutely worst, and so its not so hard to be a review site, so theres plenty of irrelevant comment on that, which makes up over 2/3rds of the positive comment, and stops them being just a 1 or 2 star reviewed company..

When you look at the SUBSTANTIVE comments it's basically clear that many readers seem upset that their opinion is squashed by client companies, that the most obvious fake reviews from the companies themselves are only rarely checked or checkable (asking the company to validate itself isn't too bright), and that all the onus is on unhappy customers to go back to a bad company and prove they are a customer. And ofc that company sometimes makes it ridiculously difficult to do so.

In short its currently easy to give a good review (whether its real or not) and very, VERY difficult to give a bad review, and not have it challenged, and unless you really work hard your review will be supressed.

People get even more cheesed off when they find that the companies under consideration are paying trustpilot to have censorship priveleges, which can so easily be abused that its laughable. This basically means that any cynical company can freely submit 'validated' positive reviews, in an attempt to outweigh the natural slant of extremely negative review from real customers of such a firm.

These same cynical companies then are entitled to use the Trustpilot logo on their marketing literature, which cheapens the trustpilot brand and undermines its supposed mission.... very very bad brand management and an awful monetisation of the concept. Collusion for sale.

If trustpilot do not change their rules, and processes which favour corrupt companies, their badge is worth worse than nothing, and is deliberately misleading.

If this does not happen soon, and all we get is pat answers, then I will activate my petition on to compel companies to disclose if they are truly neutral or whether they charge companies for priveleges, which is a clear conflict of interests and which is currently a fact Trustpilot don't like to admit to.

Personally I think this model is unfair and probably a form of consumer fraud, and that the law needs to change, when companies sell their badge to be placed on companies for which the reviews correspond so little to reality. Please change yourselves or we will change you.

And err, if you supress this, shame on you, and the petition will go live.


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28 July 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your review.

Fake reviews and companies gaming our platform is an important matter to us, so I'm glad you are bringing this up.

The way the challenge (or the report as we refer to) works, is that our team of community supporters look into the case and why it was reported. In case a review is suspected as being false, we ask the reviewer for documentation that a purchase has actually happened. If that's not possible, we'll remove the review. That goes for negative as well as positive reviews.

When a review is reported you can't read it, but the rating is still included in the TrustScore to avoid that companies misuse the system to manipulate the overall rating. You can read more about how reporting of reviews works here:

We would be happy to hear about companies you think are gaming our system. You can either report them here on Trustpilot or write an email to

Joakim Ditlev

-- Updated 27.06.2012 --

Thanks for your updated review, Chris.

I don't think we will get to any agreement here, but I want to be clear on three things:
1. We are fully aware that a few companies are trying to game our platform. Behind the lines we are catching many fake reviews automatically. That can be reviews created from the same IP-address by various users but also much more advanced ways of gaming the system. For obvious reasons I'm not interested in sharing the details here.
2. You are right that we earn money from companies who get access to collect and distribute customer reviews automatically. But we treat customers and non-customers the same way - any company can report a review, for example.
3. We welcome all kind of feedback, and the reason why you see some reported reviews on Trustpilot's own profile is typically because the review concerns another company. If we deleted everything negative said about us, you would only see straight 5-star reviews and these lines would be gone as well. That's not the way we work.


Autonet Insurance

more muppets than sesame street

This company messed me around more than anyone could think possible on a simple renewal. (details below) They are also in the process of engineering more favourable opinion by having negative reviews challenged and deleted on this site. Around 6 reviews rated one star have been targetted. At the same time a new system has been introduced which favours good reviews and makes disgusted reviews difficult.

In each case the new complaints and review process, as of 3 days ago, for this company requires you to obtain a reference before you are able to post a review, which is unlikely after the company has already messed you around for a one star review.

You should therefore look at many opinions on other sites and examine very carefully whether the reviews sound genuine or not. Thats a general rule of course. The attempt to bias the neutrality of these sites is a sad statements of the times we live in.

Highlights of their origional misservice include: asking for an old proposal form to be signed after the contract was already modified and agreed and fully paid for, and not sending out a new corrected one, not having any address or envelope to put it in, cancelling the policy automatically on non-receipt of the form which had been sent by me 10 days previously, finally finding the aformentioned out-of-date and incorrect proposal form a day after i complained for the third time, having my e-mails bounced back by the server, and FINALLY TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY, OBLIGING YOU TO PAY A PREMIUM RATE PHONE CALL TO EVEN SPEAK TO THEM TO EXPLAIN WHAT MUPPETS THEY ARE.

New highlights include a the very obstructive new process to even allow you to make a review, and the recent influx of pre-validated perfect reviews for this company over a 3 day period, compared to 18 months of terrible reviews on this and all other websites.

Unless theyre £ 100 cheaper for you its not worth the hassle - thats my personal opinion, and if you are unhappy please be sure to get your reviews reinstated !!!

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